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5 SEO Tips for 2016

2016 is coming fast, and it’s almost a full time job just keeping up with all the major updates, not to mention the minor ones. Thankfully, that’s what we do, we stay up to date on all the changes big and small. We’ve put together a simple list of 5 SEO Tips for 2016. Keep in mind that just putting new content puts you ahead of most websites, and you don’t have to be an “SEO Expert” to make money as a Poker or Casino Affiliate. But if you put in the work, you will see results!


SEO Tips for 2016

1. Optimize for Mobile

This may seem obvious to most of you, but keep in mind that for the first time in search engine history, more searches are being made via a mobile device than from a desktops. You need to be sure your entire website works on smartphones and tablets, and if you have an app, make sure it’s works correctly. Otherwise you will lose rankings, visitors, and revenue.

2. New Media works and ranks well

Have you noticed everyone is doing videos and podcasts now? There’s a good reason for this, more people are using mobile devices, and it’s easier to convey information using videos and audio. It’s as simple as that, this type of content is very popular and growing fast. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be writing content anymore, but you need to expand to other platforms as well.

Best of all you don’t need expensive software or have video/audio editing skills, there are a ton of easy to use options for rookies, and you need to take advantage of them all!

3. Get Serious About Social Media

I’m still amazed serious affiliate webmasters don’t have a serious social media presence. Maybe you thought it was a fad? Maybe you thought it would pass? Maybe you just don’t like social media? Regardless, it’s time you take social media seriously, and understand it can and will make you money if you put the time in. As webmaster we put so much effort into writing new content and advertising on various websites trying to attract new visitors and customers, but social media sites already have millions of potential customers. You need to put that power to use, and get your social media presence established now!

Check out our video on – Using Facebook to Grow Revenue

4. Conversion Rate optimization

This was the buzzword in 2015 among marketing sites and SEO’s, and for good reason. If a websites gets traffic, it can and should be making money. No doubt high traffic is great, but it’s not a requirement to generating revenue. Often websites have poor “Calls To Actions” that need changed, tweaked, or completely re-done.

Have you split tested your CTA’s? If not, you are losing money! Simple as that. Check out our article and video: Conversion Optimization

 5. Single Keywords Are Out!

In years past we all know that one and two keywords were all the rage, if you could dominate for a good strong keyword, you were set. But as search engines and searchers got smarter, a new trend has developed. Here is an interesting stat for you:

Seventy-five percent of search queries are between three and five words long 

The search engines have figured out that if people search for the word ‘poker,’ or any one- or two-word query, they don’t get the results they want. It is just too broad of a search, and there are too many possible results.

To get quality results that are most likely to answer their question and give them a quality result, they have to go to three, four or five word search queries. As content creators, when you’re thinking about optimization, you have to think about that. That should also be a consideration when writing headlines and page titles as well.

For more on keyword optimizations, check out our video onFinding Profitable Keywords

Keep in mind even though the late year holidays are here, during the holidays people have extra time to search the web, looking for good poker and casino offers, or doing last minute shopping. The web never sleeps and takes vacations, and webmasters like us can never fall behind.


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