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Call To Action Basics

In the affiliate industry having good “Calls To Actions” (CTA’s) is often what separates a website that makes money, from one that doesn’t. It can be easy to lose focus on your Calls To Actions, after all we are constantly fighting to gain more traffic and keep up with the latest promos. While growing your traffic numbers is important, if you are not converting that traffic into revenue, then none of it matters. Remember, if your website has traffic, then it should  be making money!

Below is a short video where I discuss and review the various types of Calls To Actions on affiliate websites. I also share some tips on how you can implement and test CTA’s on your websites to achieve the best results. You should always be reviewing, updating, and testing your CTA’s. Keep in mind that the slightest change can boost your conversion rate exponentially. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of gaming affiliate websites, and once you get in the habit of testing and tweaking your CTA’s, you’ll never look back.

In This Video We Discuss:

  • Basic Types of Calls To Action (CTA)
  • Review Websites CTA Examples
  • Discuss CTA’s Variations
  • Discuss CTA Split Testing Variables

Call To Action Basics – Video


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