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Daily Fantasy Sports – The New Billion Dollar Industry

Like all affiliates I am always on the look out for new revenue streams and new growing markets. In the last couple years Fantasy Sports has gone from a little known “Hobby Industry” to one of the hottest affiliate markets in the past two decades. The best part is that we are now witnessing the early days of the industry, and it is even better than the early years of the “MoneyMaker Poker Boom”.

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Don’t just take my word for it, I spoke with the team over at (Fantasy Sports Trade Association) and they sent me this years Fantasy Sports Demographic breakdown, so we can take an in depth look at the numbers.

2015 Fantasy Sports Stats (Quick Glance)

  • Fantasy sports players are younger, better educated, with higher household incomes and more likely to have full-time employment:
  • 66% Male // 34% Female
  • Average Age: 37
  • College Degree or More: 57%
  • Have a household income of $75k+: 47%
  • Have full-time employment: 66%
  • Average Annual Spending Per Fantasy Player: $465
  • Favorite Fantasy Sport: Football (73%)
  • Fantasy Sports Players that Pay League Fee: 60%

As you can see above, the disposable income for serious Fantasy Sports players is higher than we see in the gambling industry. That means they generate more, steady income for affiliates. 

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In 2015, there are 75.8 million people playing fantasy sports in the USA and Canada.

FIGURE 1.  Percentage of fantasy sports players compared to the general population in the United States and Canada (Age 12+)
United States Canada
Total 14% 19%
Adults 13% 18%
Teens 18% 30%
Male 19% 20%
Female 8% 5%
College Education 18% 22%
No College Education 10% 11%
HH Income $50k+ 16% 15%
HH Income <$50k 10% 10%

The growth of the number of people playing fantasy sports in the USA and Canada has exploded over the years.

FIGURE 2.  Number of fantasy sports players by year
Year Estimated Number of Players
1988 500,000
1991-1994 1 – 3 Million
2003 15.2 Million
2004 13.5 Million
2005 12.6 Million
2006 18 Million
2007 19.4 Million
2008 29.9 Million
2009 28.4 Million
2010 32 Million
2011 35.9 Million
2014 41.5 Million
2015 75.8 Million

On average, fantasy sports players spend $465 on league-related costs, single-player challenge games, and league-related materials over a 12-month period.

FIGURE 3.  Fantasy sports players’ spending (over 12-month period)
2015 2012
Daily Fantasy Sports $257 $5
Traditional Fantasy Sports $162 $60
Materials $46 $15

Players are more interested in sports because of fantasy. 61% say they are watching more live sports because of fantasy. •60% say they read more about sports because of fantasy.

37% of fantasy sports players primarily use a mobile device compared to 25% in 2012.

FIGURE 5.  Among those that use a mobile device, fantasy sports players access websites via their devices to:
Activity Total
Check the score of my fantasy games 14%
Set/change the line-up of my team 10%
Check the scores of the other games in my league 12%
Draft team 8%
Create or join a fantasy sports league 8%
Research players/free agents/check waiver wire 9%
Offer or evaluate trades 7%
View live draft results to gauge where players are being drafted 10%
Watch fantasy sports TV or videos either live or on demand 8%
Post comments or “trash talk” to other owners 9%
Listen to fantasy sports radio shows/ podcasts 9%

Daily Fantasy Sports players participate in a wide array of sports throughout the year.

FIGURE 6.  How many days a month do you participate in daily leagues?
Sport Average Days Played Per Month Average Lineups on Days Played
Fantasy Soccer 4 3
Fantasy Baseball(MLB) 4 2
Fantasy Hockey(NHL) 4 3
Fantasy Racing (NASCAR) 3 2
Fantasy College Football 3 2
Fantasy Basketball (NBA) 3 2

Fantasy sports players spend an average of $46 annually on fantasy sports materials.

FIGURE 7.  How much do fantasy sports players spend on materials per fantasy player?
Material Mean Expenditure
Online Premium Website $14
Fantasy Sports Magazines $9
Draft Boards With Labels $7
Cheat Sheets/Draft Kits $6
Draft Software $5
Tablet/Smartphone Apps $4

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