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Jennifer NewellJennifer Newell

Jennifer has been writing about poker for nearly a decade, including extensive work as a freelancer, where Jennifer has worked for numerous gaming-related websites, magazines, and blogs with a focus on players, news, and interesting stories. Follow Jennifer on Google+ and Twitter.

Jeremy EnkeJeremy Enke

Founder of Poker Affiliate Listings, Jeremy has been working in the gambling affiliate industry since 2002. He is known in the industry as a "thought leader" and writes for several publications, as well as speaks at multiple conferences each year.

John MehaffeyJohn Mehaffey

John has been in the poker industry since 2001. He has worked for gaming companies and played poker professionally during that time. He is now a full time writer specializing in the regulation of online poker.

Patrick EngelPatrick Engel

Patrick is an intern at with a passion for the poker industry. He also does work for,,, and more.

Randy LRandy L

Randy is the owner of Felt Media and has been working in the affiliate industry for over a decade doing SEO and Marketing work. He has worked for major gaming companies such as,, and others.