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    Default Interview with Alex Carr From

    Today we interviewed Alex Carr from the Affiliate program. As many of you know, is one of the most reliable and respected affiliate programs in the gaming industry. Thanks for the interview Alex! You guys can contact Alex directly here on PAL or by any of the contact information he has listed on the Affiliate Program Review page. Enjoy the interview!

    1. Tell us a little about yourself and what brought you to become an Affiliate Manager at

    I was studying Accountancy and Finance at university as I have always had a keen eye for the numbers, and found the financial subjects and financial markets hugely interesting. The institutions, economies and financial industries gave me a great insight to ways in which businesses are run and the positive and adverse impact that the economy can have in an industry.

    It was during my time at University when I first, like a number of students, truly became a student of the game and started to source knowledge and education of the game from every possible source. From reading Harington on Hold'em to Doyle’s Super System to watching the televised poker to attending regular poker tournaments I truly had found my calling.

    Poker was such a big part of my university life that I was teaching my friends so that I would have people to play against on the days that the tournaments were not on. However them not having the same desire as me I decided to take my enthusiasm and analytical brain to take on who ever I could find the other side of the Ethernet cable.

    I enjoyed Poker so much that I got involved with the logistics of running the poker tournaments as well as the occasional soiree. Through these social engagements I was introduced to the affiliate side of poker, from a player point of view at least, and recognised the methodologies and concepts employed to capture the boom of new budding poker players. This interested me greatly as I was able to see first hand the marketing techniques I had been taught, integrated into the industry that I lived and breathed.

    Whilst in my final year of University I was applying for a number of roles where in which I felt I could put my degree in to best use and so naturally a number of these positions were at accountancy firms. I did however wish to move into the gambling industry and so applied for a few accountancy positions at gambling companies when I saw a far more attractive position as an affiliate manager and subsequently disregarded all other job offers to take my seat at the bet365 affiliates team.

    2. How many individuals work on the Bet365 affiliate team?

    There are no individuals on the bet 365 affiliate team. We are 1 team pulling together to try and provide the best programme to our affiliates and requires a consistently collective effort.

    We all look out for one another and help each other out where we can. Everyone has expertise and we work together to ensure that every affiliate gets the benefit of all of our experience, and knowledge.

    Over the past few years bet365 have aggressively recruited and increased the size of the affiliate team by adding additional members to the team just a few months ago. With an ever growing company it is important that we continue to develop and grow as a team and with the most recent expansion I believe we have done just that.

    3. What does a typical day in the office for a Bet365 manager look like?


    Ok seriously, let me try and give you an overview of what a typical day looks like in the bet365 affiliate operation.

    Obviously, the email inbox is an amalgamation of the wildly shifting sands of a modern affiliate managers priorities, so in reflection of that I will give PAL members a little insight, though invite them to move the paragraphs around at will to illustrate how much the intended pattern of my day can change.
    First, my working day starts at 7.15am, every day, every week.

    Every morning my inbox seems to have exponentially grown since I last clasped eyes on it the night before and so first off I need to manage my inbox and try to plan the day out of me ahead. I soon get it organised, filed and structured into a manageable and looking much more aesthetically attractive, but as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men…

    After making a substantial dent in my inbox I then look to see how some of my strategic affiliates have performed over the last 24 hours to see if the changes and adjustments made have generated a positive impact. A quick browse of the figures alerts me to any drastic issues or any issues or highly positive figures that the affiliate is likely wanting to discuss in further detail.

    Then of course I check out the latest on PAL see what has happened over the last 8 hours. Having the fantastic opportunity to be able to work with affiliates in multiple time zones means that developments can take place at any point, therefore, it is important that I get up to speed as soon as I can. In the ever changing, fast paced world of the gambling industry there is always something happening that is relevant to the day to day progression of the affiliate industry.

    Paid a visit to my strategic affiliate sites to get the latest on their activity, before scheduling calls or preparing emails to send out in the afternoon on their results. Affiliates are busy trying to manage the results of up to 20 (even 50) operators, so I know from their feedback how much they value the results being proactively sent by me. I can then base a tailor made strategy based on these results and analysis allowing affiliates to truly know that we are working with them as an individual and we are not just employing a blanket strategy.

    That without mentioning the various internal meetings, with the Poker team to feed back the affiliates thoughts and comments on anything they are doing , the affiliate operations manager, the retention team to get the all important low down on what they are doing to assist in maximising the value of those all important players, in terms of promotions and general communication design and publishing the affiliate systems administrators, and if I am lucky, there may even be time for a quick meeting with one of the famous bet365 tea ladies for me to grab a coffee or on a good day perhaps a sandwich.

    Organizing promotions and getting them out to the affiliate world is a regular occurrence and can be quite time consuming as it involves liaising and working with a number of teams within other departments. One of our most recent releases is our Premium Cash Ladder promotion and if PAL members are not aware, this is a great promotion and already has proven to phenomenally popular.

    As the sun sets on the bet365 affiliate operation, there may even be time to think about going home, but as I write this at 18.52 on a Thursday night at the bet365 HQ, it doesn’t look likely!

    4. Since becoming an affiliate manager in the online gambling industry, what is one of the most important things you’ve learned that has helped you to become one of the top affiliate managers amongst gambling affiliates?

    Straight off the bat it has to be honesty.

    Honesty is a quality that is highly valued in this industry but still perhaps not enough. Saying that I think it is a quality that is probably not highly regarded enough in all walks of life. Honesty does have a cost but that cost is never too great.

    I feel that being completely honest with my affiliates allows them to have complete trust in me, the affiliate team and the affiliate programme. If you cannot place your trust in an affiliate programme you will never really push them to your full extent.

    5. If you had name the top 3 things about the overall affiliate program, what would they be?


    6. continues to be a market leader in the European markets, what do you attribute this to and what are’s best converting markets?

    I believe that bet365 leads the way due to the family values that it employs throughout every element of the company. Integrity and openness is very apparent resulting in people being very secure about where they stand both within the company and as a strategic partner.

    Being a market leader can also be attributed to how quickly bet365 are evolving and adapting to the ever changing economic environment in the industry. There is constant development throughout the company in a bid to try to expand and improve in all areas. This constant growth is what I believe helps to maintain bet365’s place as a leader in the gambling industry.

    bet365 perform not only well throughout Europe but perform exceedingly well globally and we are currently accepting players from over 200 countries. bet365 is strong throughout Europe and overall bet365’s presence is strong in the most competitive territories.

    7. When looking at your top producing affiliates, what are some attributes that these super affiliates share amongst each other?

    Other than stacks of commissions?

    The best performing affiliates for bet365 all share a few similar qualities but the major one is faith in our products and trust in our affiliate programme.

    The majority of our top producing affiliates are those that have continued to work closely with bet365 and have formed a long term relationship with us. This instills a mutual respect whereby both affiliate and affiliate manager is willing to do what ever it takes to maintain the high level strategic relationship that exists.

    8. What are the top converting products at Bet365; Sports, Poker, Casino, Bingo?

    We have received recognition for all of our products in terms of how well they convert. Each market is very different and so I believe you can only really compare the performance of our products in their own unique environments.

    I know as companies we are very pleased with how easily our products convert but appreciate bet365 are stronger in some territories than others. I mean the conversion rate from the US isn’t great but the vast majority of other countries are performing really well for bet365.

    In terms of what share is obtained from which products It is approximately 65% from our sports product and the remaining 35% is generated through our gaming products. However this does not really do our gaming revenues justice when you consider that a 35% share of bet365’s 6,000,000 customers is bigger than a number of other gambling operator’s entire operation.

    9. Are they any innovative or upcoming promotions coming up at Bet365 in the coming year that affiliates should be on the lookout for?

    The future is always interesting but what is more interesting to me is what is happening now for bet365. We have introduced more and more premium bet365 only tables in our poker client, which is evidence of bet365 producing more and more poker players and increasing the liquidity of the bet365 poker room. Additional promotions are being run to assist with this such as our Premium Cash Ladder promotion and the recently ended Premium Cashback promotion.

    All of our products are constantly being developed to provide our customers with the best possible products. Recently the bet365 sportsbook was completely redesigned and given a new feel to it, the casino product is continuously growing and with the recent release of the new TV advert for bingo every product has had something new in the last couple of months.

    Attractive promotions are continuously being thought up to try and promote our products further, but I feel that the quality of our products do a very good job in promoting themselves.

    10. So when you’re not working with affiliates, what does Alex Carr do in his spare time?

    What time?

    When I am not hard at work in my role as the poker affiliate manager I still relish the opportunity to play poker. I think it is important to love what you do and playing poker is exactly that.

    Like the majority of poker players I play a lot of hold'em, occasionally Omaha but over the last 12 months or so I have really taken to Chinese poker. Although there is arguably less skill involved in 13 card poker than in other forms of poker, it is very rare that it doesn’t leave me in profit, even if only very slight.

    I really enjoy playing golf, watching soccer, baseball, football any sport really. If you can bet on it I will watch it….and bet on it.

    Currently I have started taking up Thai Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts in a slow (and painful) bid to be the world’s greatest cage fighter. I’ve only been doing it a few weeks but it has already come apparent to me that I might have to set my target goal a little lower. I might just have to aim to be the best cage fighter in the bet365 affiliates team.

    To learn more about the Affiliate Program and get signed up today, visit the Affiliate Program Today!

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    Great interview. I always enjoy working with Alex and I definitely recommend the bet365 affiliate program!
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