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    Default Interview With Art From Affiliate Program

    Hey guys, we recently conducted an interview with our affiliate manager Art from the Affiliate Program. If you have any questions or comments about the Affiliate Program, feel free to post them here or contact Art directly.

    1. was originally launched to include webcam poker, is this something that you may re-visit in the future?

    Yes, there is no timetable but it is something that PokerView is working on getting implemented.

    2.  Many affiliates were extremely happy when Pokerview moved from Everleaf to Merge.  How has the move been so far?

    Affiliates were not only happy with the move to Merge but were even happier with the new “Get Paid to Play” program.  The reason why PokerView has been so successful is because affiliates feel the “Get Paid to Play” program is an easy sell and keeps their players coming back.

    3.  As you know affiliate payment dates can greatly vary in the industry.  What is the average payment date

    If the amount is larger than 5k they will receive a wire within a few days.  If it is smaller than 5k they can expect a check within 2-4 weeks.

    4.  What has the reception to the “Get Paid To Play” VIP program been amongst existing players?

    The fact that players get paid every single day has greatly increased retention.  Players choose to return to PokerView rather than other sites by the mere fact that at PokerView is where they get paid daily.

    5.  How has payment processing been for post “Black Friday”, likewise are there any methods that are seeing better success rates?

    Merge Network has been of the most stable networks in providing payment processing for awhile now.    Deposits are instant as always.  There are a variety of methods players can use to deposit to play.  Withdrawals are headache free and players get their checks in a timely fashion.

    6.  If you had to give the top 3 reasons why affiliates should promote, what would they be?

    Current affiliates are extremely happy with very high signup/deposit ratio, retention rate and fast affiliate payouts.

    7.  Working as an affiliate manager and seeing a variety of affiliates promoting your brand, what would you say the #1 attribute of a successful poker affiliate is?

    From our experience,  the affiliates that know how to redirect their traffic the best are able to convert at the highest rates.

    8.  You mentioned that you have a background in the adult niche.  What are some of the biggest differences you see in respect to affiliate marketing in adult versus gambling?

    Biggest difference in gambling and adult marketing is that the gambling sector has become a much more lucrative sector to market to than the adult industry.

    9.  So, when you’re not managing affiliates and building the brand, what do you do for fun.

    My world revolves around poker and affiliates, but in the my away time I like to travel and discover new places and people.

    10.  What’s your preferred way to communicate with affiliates, and what’s the best way for an affiliate to get a hold of you and sign-up today?

    I can always be reached by email at and I am on skype most of the time.


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