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    Default Interview with Ally from

    1. was originally launched to on a different software platform than it is currently using now.  Tell us about the decision to change software providers and how the transition has been thus far?

    That is not completely true. The software was once used by a group who opened Cindy's Poker back in 2006. PokerRebel is the first of what will be a new network (Scion Network) run by the developer and the licensees.

    2.  PokerRebel’s new M-I6 software platform is being described as one of the most innovative and advanced poker clients in the industry. What are some of the most popular features of the platform?

    The PokerRebel client M-I6 is being designed from the ground up. We have a knowledge management system in place where we can view all comments from active online poker players and affiliates. Their input is priceless and allows us to design M-I6 to maximum player satisfaction. M-I6 is having a list of standard features like preferred seating, hand replayer, several themes, resizable tables, avatars and so on, but the main focus is on the engine. At the end, players want to play poker. The rest is aesthetics. We have it ready in beta and it will rock.

    3.  As you know player and affiliate payment dates can greatly vary in the industry, especially for operators accepting U.S. players.  What is the average payment dates for both affiliates and players at

    Payment Processing is an asset of PokerRebel. Payouts will be handled through ACH, Checks, and EFT's. In fact same as other poker sites. Payout speed varies per country and method. ACH up to max. 5 business days. Checks for North America 2 to 5 business days.

    4.  The client is available in both English and Portuguese, where do you find the majority of your players originating from right now?

    Rumours say PokerRebel is based in Brazil, but we’re not. However online poker is being recognized as a game of skill in Brazil and soon it will become one of the hottest spots in the world to play poker. Their economy is growing steadily with no big shakes and we definitely want marketshare there and in Latin America. The client will be available in Spanish this year as well. Maybe even this month. But to answer your question, since we run an advertising campaign on TwoPlusTwo, we’re getting many signups from North America.

    5.  Will the affiliate program provide affiliates with custom promotions or unique banners if requested?

    That’s a big YES! Tailored tournaments, custom made banners, new ideas or whatever you have in mind… bring it. We’ll blow up our poker room for you!

    6.  If you had to give the top 3 reasons why affiliates should promote, what would they be?

    The story of PokerRebel has just begun. People who join our revolution today can say they were there when it all started. We intend to build this machine together, so if there is anything our affiliates or their players want to see, again… bring it! I can tell you we’re ready to take on any challenge and offer tailor made solutions. Secondly we accept players worldwide and there are not many left in North America who can match our payment processing. Reason number three? Steve Jobs once said – It's more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy.

    7.  Working as an affiliate manager and seeing a variety of affiliates promoting your brand, what would you say the #1 attribute of a successful poker affiliate is?

    I would say, and that is something we’re dictating at Rebel: Be genuine.

    8.  Tell us a little about yourself and how you personally got started in the online poker affiliate industry?

    I went from cleaning hotel rooms to being a waitress at the casino downstairs to hostess of the VIP booth. One of the regular clients was an entrepreneur in online gaming. He offered me job and I never left the industry. That was around 10 years ago. At Rebel I am the spider in the web. An all-rounder.

    9.  So, when you’re not managing affiliates and building the brand, what do you do for fun?

    I have a 3-year old son. Yes I am the hard working single mom, so after a long day at PokerRebel I can not wait to see my treasure and spend my time with him. Other than that I go to the gym at least 3 times a week. I love to travel and experience new things.

    10.  What’s your preferred way to communicate with affiliates, and what’s the best way for an affiliate to get a hold of you and sign-up today?

    Email works best! We strive to reply and offer support within 24hrs. Affiliates who sign-up before 1st of September 2013 will start and stay at top tier 35%. Plus we offer all new signups a Free $10 - no deposit welcome bonus.

    Affiliates can contact me via You can also read the full PokerRebel Affiliate Review here.


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