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    Default Poker Leaderboard & Holdem Dealing Course

    A quick thanks to Jeremy for the invite to post! Also an open invitation to everyone for feedback, questions and suggestions.

    A quick background. My business partner and I run a live pub poker league. We create products that we need ourselves and then make them available for others to use as well. Our two most popular products are our Poker League Software, aka, and I'll explain them below.

    Product #1 - Poker-Leaderboard and Poker League Software

    Poker League Software is a tool developed to take the headache out of managing a leaderboard for our poker league. We designed it to keep track of our poker league points efficiently and to update online automatically. Create a free poker leaderboard for your website. The leaderboard can be hosted on your own site or ours if you prefer. This free version displays sponsored advertisements just above the leaderboard. We know right now 99.99% of you will not want to use it with sponsored adds so I'll be happy to exchange a sponsor free version for a couple of quality links (pm me if you want this).

    In the next round of updates we are offering a way to purchase a license to use it add and link free if you prefer. We also plan to have a way to allow you to customize the ads displayed to your own choice and affiliate link.

    Poker League Software Features include:
    Multiple Scoring Options - Different models to suit your league structure.
    Multiple venue tracking. If your league plays at more than one place... say pokerstars and fulltilt, you can have a pokerstars points leader, a fulltilt points leader and the overall combined leader, all generated when you enter tournament results.
    Player Statistics: Click on the player name to see player specific stats.
    Multiple Seasons: Create history with your league.
    Display leaderboard on your own website.
    Easy error corrections

    Features in beta:
    Payroll Account management - this actually works great and we use it ourselves already in our live poker leagues. How it works is when a tournament is entered, there is a fee generated for the venue that the tournament was hosted at. The software tracks the fee and then it divides down into different sub-categories for tracking (x% to staff member a, x% to staff member b, x% to prizes, x% to marketing, x% to profit, etc.). Then the software runs a report based on the criteria you specify (date to date) and spits out the results to make payroll easy. It's not available for the free sign ups at the moment but will be available for public release soon through a subscription service.
    Custom Events: This allows you to specify any criteria such as most wins over a time period or most points earned from these specific venues over this specific time. The software will track and display the results for that specific event details. This allows you to run unique, custom and fun promotions for your league.

    Can you affiliate for PokerLeagueSoftware?
    Not yet as right now we are discouraging anyone from actually paying for anything (we'd rather do links right now or have users use it with our sponsored ads). Once the upgrades are complete and a purchase system is in place we will probably add an affiliate program.

    How do i get a free account to try it out?
    Go to - this signs you up to our aweber list so we can keep you up to date with any important updates but it forwards you right to the place to create your free account.

    Product #2 - Dealer-Training, a Poker Dealer School Online is a training course for poker dealers that is delivered online. It includes lots of videos, photos and extensive poker dealing information. It was designed with the assistance of a seasoned poker dealer who deals during peak times at the Bellagio in Vegas (I bet GoodKarmaKid has set at her table many times?). The course has been offered since 2004 and has undergone several updates and improvements over that time and has been a steady seller.

    Can you affiliate for
    Yes, affilaites earn 40% and the course sells for $197 through clickbank. According to CB analytics after CB gets their cut affiliates earn just about what you start out at for PokerStars CPA .

    Affiliates are tracked and managed and paid by clickbank, so you need to get an affiliate account there ( and you can find the course in the clickbank marketplace by searching by the 'poker' keyphrase or checking out this page on CB-Analytics and getting your code there if you already have a clickbank account..

    We do not offer a 'play at this poker room in exchange for a free copy' to prospects. We haven't since we moved the course to clickbank in January of this year and don't plan to so you don't have to worry about that. I'd love some affiliates so if are interested you can hit me up for a review copy and check it out.

    Here is a YouTube video example of the videos that the users get from the course:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Poker Dealer Training Video - Cut Chips[/ame]

    We also have one more product, that teaches you how to direct a poker tournament but honestly it sells at about a tenth of the pace of the dealing course so I wouldn't spend a ton of time promoting it, but it's out there if it fits.

    Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions!
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    Promote the only Home Based Poker Dealing School on the net via Clickbank with these banners.
    Poker Leaderboard - manage & display points standings easily on your website.


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