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    Default How long does it take?

    So I have built up a bingo website with 500 pages. The content is quite good but some is a little short and needs some work. I have done some seo work for my homepage which ranks well for a few terms and I have a few internal pages ranking on top pages for some terms like tombola bingo - not that specific one but you get the picture.

    It's only 2 months old and this month has just about had 1,000 unique visitors so far. My top bonus is 888 and its been viewed about 220 times this month.

    How long is it going to take before i see some rewards for my efforts? I have generated some sign ups but don't really have more than $50 in any of my bingo affiliate accounts.

    All answers appreciated.


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    Keep in mind that bingo players don't spend that much money like casino players, usually they have their monthly spending limit and that's all. But the big difference that they will come back next month, and for a long time. They are more loyal than casino players.
    Building up a "bankroll" from bingo players takes time, but you will see that your income won't fluctuate like in the case of casinos but will grow constantly.

    The 1000 unique visitor is not that bad for a 2 months old site, I would suggest to take a look at which pages don't get higher rankings, adjust them a bit, get some inbound links to them and see how they perform.
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    From talking to some of the bingo sites I work with it can be a slow journey to begin with but, as Sipka said, it is often steady, more so than poker and casino, and will build up with time.

    Fresh content is important to give people a reason to come back to your site, as well as helping your ranking. Make sure that the sites you work with keep you updated with new promotions, new games etc.

    As I've heard many times in various blogs and forums, if it was that easy then everyone would be doing it.
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