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Affiliate Links -- Create And Implement A PHP Redirect.

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by on 01-14-2010 at 06:32 AM (31102 Views)
Implementation of a php redirect will allow you to more easily manage your website's affiliate links. All of your outbound links to a particular room will direct to one url. Therefore, you can change all of the affiliate links...for one any given time via one file.

4 Easy Steps I use to Create the PHP redirect file

1. I create a new folder in my websites root directory, i typically like to call mine "go". The name of the folder is not important unless there are language issues with a wordpress plugin your using in which case you'll need to use more than 2 letters to name the folder. You can call it "visit" or "room" or "out" or whatever you like.

2. I navigate to my websites robots.txt file and enter this line:

Disallow: /go
*Disallowing my /go folder will prevent my redirect files to be crawled and safeguard me from boosting the search engine visibility of whatever revenue source i'm linking to. This is important because affiliate sites will often link to programs 5 or 6 times on any given page for conversion power.

3. I navigate back to the /go folder, create a php file, and name it for my particular room. In this case i will create a file for PokerStars and name it pokerstars.php.

4. I open the pokerstars.php file and enter this code with my affiliate url.

...Now that i have my pokerstars.php file created, every time i link to pokerstars from my website i will link this url:

...the html code i typically like to use is:

<a href="go/pokerstars.php" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Pokerstars</a>
*this exact setup is implemented and can be observed on Online Poker BEST and

This method will also completely insure that you are not giving search engine power to the online poker room, rake provider, training community, or other revenue source which you are linking to. After all, why would you want to contribute to your revenue source ranking better?

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  1. pheal's Avatar
    Thanks a lot for this blog post, it's extremely useful. I've been lazy about making the necessary changes to my sites for a long time and your post just gave me the motivation to do it. Today!
  2. addaminsane's Avatar
    You're welcome. I hope this post provides a worthwhile resource...and will become more widely implemented based on the notion that the [I]disallowed redirect method[/I]:

    [B]1.[/B] Makes it easier to manage affiliate links.
    [B]2.[/B] Safeguards the webmaster from inadvertently boosting the search engine power of his or her revenue sources.
  3. striker's Avatar
    mmm interesting :)
  4. casinokomplett's Avatar
    Thats a great post!
    Will do it too !
  5. addaminsane's Avatar
    You're welcome, lemme know if you have any questions or if i'm leaving out any useful details :)
  6. Catfish's Avatar
    I have been using your php redirect for a while now, it is a great way of reducing the workload when a link needs updating. Is there a similar way to create php files to contain bonus codes so that you can have a titancode.php, partycode.php etc file? And what do I need to enter in the articles to have the bonus code show there?
  7. addaminsane's Avatar
    I would like to update this post because this method can be made even easier than originally posted so I'd hate for you to not get the maximum usefulness out of the original intention.

    Now, instead of creating individual php redirect files for every brand, its much easier to create one .htaccess file with all your links organized in a .htaccess file placed in the /go folder. Simply redirect /go/affiliatelink1234.php in the .htaccess file which can store all of the links in one.

    Then On Your Other Sites, Simply Delete The Old Folders And Replace With A New .htaccess file within the /go folder. At This point you can edit many links by opening 1 file rather than loading them up individually.

    The hyperlinks displayed on Your site will look and stay exactly the same. You'll Simply Make The Setup & Editing Process Much More Effecient As You Expand.


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