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An Interesting Couple Of Months.

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by on 02-23-2010 at 08:36 AM (3035 Views)
So this blog is going to be general and not completely poker related.

I'm 21 and after I graduated from university I got a 10k grant to start up Macfarlane & Le which can be located at What we did was build small and medium sized businesses an internet presence. I worked on that with my partner for 8ish months until we got approached by a new company. The company was SME Marketing that wanted to offer the same services as we did but also web design and some other general marketing stuff.

At the time Macfarlane & Le was moving along steadily picking up new clients and we were doing alright for ourselves. This new company (SME Marketing) had a huge amount of resources that we didn't have access to so we decided to merge with them for a 32% equity stake. This has all happened in the last couple of months and being 21 and a director of a company is quite a lot to take in!

So now I work from an office and have a team of 8 working with me. SME Marketing are a new company and we have a hell of a lot of resources just lying around. I am really looking into monetizing the excess resources that we have.

So what I'm thinking is jumping on the mini-site creation bandwagon. I've created,,, unfinished) just to name a few.

I want to use the resources we have in internet marketing within SME Marketing along with my knowledge of the industry to create mini-sites for PAL members.

I was wondering on the thoughts from PAL members on this? I was looking to create 10-15 page mini-sites for around a $400-$500 price mark to simply show members here what we can do. Then ultimately raise that up as interest picked up.

I look forward to hearing your comments,

- James

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  1. Planet Mark's Avatar
    Congrats on the success - I am sure there is a potential market for quality sites at the right price here.

  2. ROYALKNIGHT's Avatar
    You doing very well. Congrats.


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