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Building Brandable Sites = Building Trust

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by on 11-15-2010 at 03:44 PM (4587 Views)
(I actually just wanted to write a quick article to get some linkage for the all new Affiliate Bible. It's still in advanced beta stage but you can read all about the transition and update here. If you link to the old Poker Affiliate Bible the new URL is pls update your links)

More than ever these days, people are thinking big. I'm seeing more and more affiliates look at creating the next "big site" - a site that covers a variety of topics, rather than one specific niche.

One thing you need to remember when building these websites is that you are building trust.

If you're building a huge poker site covering everything related to poker - let's call it for ease - your ultimate goal is to actually transition people away from using Google.

If someones looking for poker strategy, or when Full Tilt launched Badugi and they want Badugi rules - you don't want them googling "Badugi Rules". You want them to visit your website right off the bat. So that when they think "I want to know something about poker" they visit first to see if it's there.

To do that, you need to build trust with your website. Therefore, you need to take great care in the content you post. It's so easy with a big website to just post hundreds of articles from various writers all covering a variety of subjects, and relying on long tail keywords.

However what you really need to do is make sure every article is excellent, top quality, and helps the user. That's how sites like Poker Strategy really prosper for example - they build up a trust amongst their users immediately, and I can guarantee they're getting a lot of visits from people using their bookmarks, as a large majority of visitors will trust them more than the random website found via Google.

Anyhoo I'm actually sitting on a plane right now about to fly from Toronto to Edmonton and it's "here's what happens if you crash" time, so I better wrap this up I'll try and expand on this topic at a later date as I literally typed this out in 5 minutes on my Blackberry.

Be sure to check out the all new Affiliate Bible - now with comments!

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  1. JohnH's Avatar
    I agree, building a site that doesn't rely on google to drive traffic seems to be the key to a good nights sleep these days. Easier said than done, but solid advice.
  2. MJ's Avatar
    Your site Casino Answers! The Ultimate Online Casino Guide is a GREAT example of how to do this Dan, I've got something big in my head for branding soon too so I was glad to see this post.
  3. cloudbreak's Avatar
    It's nice having a brand too because people can't lie to you and can't just buy the .org version of your site, copy the inbound and outbound link structure and rip you off.
  4. TheShortStack's Avatar
    Loving the new Affiliate Bible Graeme - looks great! Will definitely be spending a lot of time there
  5. MPC's Avatar
    Oh my! The new AB is sexay! Good job on that Graeme.


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