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Affiliate Roundtable: Life After Affiliation

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by on 12-17-2013 at 04:32 PM (7416 Views)
Interviews with Jeremy Enke, Greg Powell and Mike Wittmeyer, all people who were primarily gambling affiliates during the premium years and have branched off in various directions.

(Jeremy gave me permission to post this here).

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  1. TheGooner's Avatar
    Failed to ask the question that we all had ... how did you finances handle leaving online gambling affiliation behind.
  2. DealerDan's Avatar
    [QUOTE=TheGooner;bt5843]Failed to ask the question that we all had ... how did you finances handle leaving online gambling affiliation behind.[/QUOTE]

    Or for any pre-UIEGA affiliate; did sleeping on a bed of money dry out your skin? :)

    I'll do more of these in the future though for sure and your question is a great one. Would love to have you on a roundtable sometime Gooner.
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  3. Jeremy's Avatar
    Yea that was awesome to contribute Dealer Dan, thanks for the opportunity. I would love to see more of these in the future.

    I can only speak for myself, but I took a very significant hit after UIGEA, however luckily had money saved for a rainy day, on my money mattress! And again in 2011, I took another hit. By then though I was pretty well diversified making money on paid advertising and consulting, and not as reliant on affiliate commissions as I was the first time.

    So for me it was not as bad as some other U.S. facing affiliates that relied solely on their checks from say, FT, UB, AP, and Stars.

    Not gonna lie, FullTilt stung for me though. I remember sitting in a dentist's chair and seeing the news come across my phone. All I could think of was, "Aw man, this shit again"

    I do miss the easy money and making it rain hundreds though! Now days in my old age, I am back heavily immersed in gaming, but more on the business side and not as reliant on straight affiliate revenue.

    I make a little money off sites like Carbon, Bovada, etc. here in the U.S. But I'd personally be reluctant to invest too much time or effort into U.S. facing rooms again and making them anything more than incremental income, unless of course they are regulated rooms.

    I think the swings as a gambling affiliate can be just as bad as a player sometimes.....over a longer period though.
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  4. DealerDan's Avatar
    Not sure about you Jeremy - but UIEGA ended up being one of the best things that ever happened to me. It was a harsh reminder of how business can be(as before it it was just so easy to make money you get complacent), really forced me to diversify - and I actually ended up having two of my most profitable affiliate relationships ever post-UIEGA as Full Tilt became a major force, and Cake absolutely killed it for awhile.

    Black Friday was obviously nasty. I didn't work at all with Chipleader and much with Pokerstars so that wasn't a big deal, but Full Tilts closure was brutal for me. Thankfully like you - diversified well enough that it wasn't as big an issue as it could've been.

    I think all in all - the best lesson learned from it all is that you can never actually rely on that money. So in situations like Lock Poker for example - I don't promote them, but if I did and this crap happened I would be prepared for it and move on. So any gambling income - well, any income I make overall - I never rely on it, and don't count on it until it's actually in my hands.

    I do miss when my business was 90% poker affiliation on rev share though - because it was so hard to mess that up. Every month you'd just have a steady growth with no swings for the most part. It was nice having a "reliable" income like that.
  5. Miky77's Avatar
    Any idea how to contact Mike Wittmeyer, I have been looking to contact him for weeks now and got no answer from his old emails and etc, if someone could help would be great.


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