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  1. Good Luck USA

    by on 06-09-2010 at 10:26 AM
    In making it to the game .....

  2. Ways To Get Links!

    by on 11-16-2009 at 08:02 AM
    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to let you know that I've started a new blog. It's my own personal blog but I also intend to post about being an affilaite on there as well. I thought I would kick off by writing and article called 'Ways To Get Links' which I think could be useful to any new webmasters in the industry who are trying to get their sites off the ground.

    Visit my new blog and check out the article, please leave comments as well!

  3. Mentality

    by on 10-20-2009 at 05:52 AM
    I am finding that one of the biggest problems with being a newish affiliate is dealing with the mental aspect of things. Some days when I finish work I kinda sit there and just think wow I hope what I've done today is worth while. The fact that I haven't had a great amount of success yet leads me to constantly question what I'm doing. I guess this doesn't change until you make some good breakthroughs.

    I had a really good conversation with Spry about it last night and he gave me some ...
  4. How NOT To Start A Bingo Site

    by on 03-05-2009 at 01:13 PM
    I posted this on the forum and thought it might be a good first post in my blog as well:

    I have recently set up a bingo website and now I'm going to tell you why its crap!

    Color Scheme:

    Well originally I think everyone's first thought is omg Pink or Purple - women love that right?! When I set up my bingo site yes it was pink and yes it was like a girls purse.

    So way to alienate what could be up to 35% of my potential buisness! Thats got to be ...