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How NOT To Start A Bingo Site

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by on 03-05-2009 at 12:13 PM (10238 Views)
I posted this on the forum and thought it might be a good first post in my blog as well:

I have recently set up a bingo website and now I'm going to tell you why its crap!

Color Scheme:

Well originally I think everyone's first thought is omg Pink or Purple - women love that right?! When I set up my bingo site yes it was pink and yes it was like a girls purse.

So way to alienate what could be up to 35% of my potential buisness! Thats got to be a solid 10/10 in the newbie column!

Home Page Content:

OMGZ I want people to sign up to my bonuses so I'll just put them all on the first page and that can be my homepage content! Surely all people want is bonuses right? Well I don't care that's what makes me the money so eat it in your face on my homepage!

That 888 Ladies banner looks nice I'll stick that on the homepage becasue its pink and we already know women love that.

OK well everyone else seems to be trying to get a mailing list - I know what I'll do I'll make a pink and purple subscribe to my newsletter banner and get that on there as well!

Other Content:

Best add some bingo news stories and some how to play bingo guides. Not that anyone will ever read them becasue bingo stories are dull and everyone already knows how to play.

Hmmm How To Get Them To Sign Up:

Look at all this free money on offer seriously I'll just throw that at them and they won't be able to resist signing up. Then they will fall in love with the site and lose all their money on there. Mwhahaha. Fool proof!

Where can I find the biggest pinkest banner with the most free money on?


Now all I need to do is target some good free money keywords. Ok lets go for FREE FREE FREE IM NEVER GOING TO DEPOSIT BINGO BONUS and I HAVE NO MONEY BINGO BONUS.

Job done!

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  1. Greg's Avatar
    Two great points being made here. One is that not all players are women; and not all women respond to the over the top pinks and purples. Some find it very childish and not very professional. A clean, well organized design will always perform better than a cliche template.

    Another excellent point you made was that most of the content found on bingo sites is very, very boring! It's nice to spice things up some and add something that will cause a repeat visitor once in a while (along with the SEO goodies).

    You should start posting this over at CAL soon. We're going deep into the bingo mix there right now!
  2. doovde's Avatar
    Its a shame the blogs dont integrate between the two sites. I mean I don't really want 2 blogs lol.

    I find creating really unique bingo content actually quite hard but I do really like the idea you suggested in your blog about having a site blog. This is something I will integrate into my bingo portal very soon.


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