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by on 10-20-2009 at 05:52 AM (2812 Views)
I am finding that one of the biggest problems with being a newish affiliate is dealing with the mental aspect of things. Some days when I finish work I kinda sit there and just think wow I hope what I've done today is worth while. The fact that I haven't had a great amount of success yet leads me to constantly question what I'm doing. I guess this doesn't change until you make some good breakthroughs.

I had a really good conversation with Spry about it last night and he gave me some great advice. He basically said you must refuse to fail which I thought was a really great way to look at things. If you keep learning and improving then at some point you are going to have to succeed right?

Gotta take a moment to big Spry up as well. He has helped me out loads over the past few months and I value the advise he gives me extremely highly.

I have been working really hard on a bingo site I launched about 5 months ago. It has been sat there aging a bit and now I've really started to put some time into it. It deals with pretty much everything your standard online bingo site would, stuff like bingo reviews, UK online bingo halls and bingo slots. Sorry couldn't resist the opportunity to link build

Anyway, I have been adding content and building links to it. It is certainly growing and traffic has doubled from last month. I am getting a good amount more search engine referrals as well which is great.

But, that still doesn't cure my doubts. Can you really know that what you are doing is going to work until it works at least once?

As a new affiliate my strategy has been based mostly around looking at the sites in the industry which are clearly making money and doing things right. I guess in a way my sites are a mish mash of all the good things I have taken from other peoples sites. It has taken a while but I finally feel like I have got something going which has potential to earn well and provide good information to my visitors. But just feeling things are good doesn't mean they are and that's where the doubt comes from.

Anyone experiencing anything like this as well? Any advice?

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  1. Strider1973's Avatar
    I think that there are some similarities between Poker Affiliate Marketing and playing online poker. And I have been playing poker for tons of hours online. There are two things that I have learnt:

    Patience is one of the key skills for poker players - you must have the patience to wait for good cards, and you must have the persistence and the mental ability to handle downswings even if you know you outclass your opponents.

    And that's the same with affiliate marketing: you cannot expect to run great from the start on, you must be able to cope with your mental swings, and you must sweat a lot before you can reap the fruits of your work. You might experience the same things as I:

    - Some days I feel great, e.g. when I hit a new milestone (first time more than xy visitors, first natural backlink due to good content, first request for partnership by other webmaster, ...)
    - Some days I wonder why I try to make a stand in this super-competitive industry and working hard but earning nothing, instead of just trying to find another 9 to 5 job

    Anyways, good luck, much patience and persistence to you!
  2. heavyonhealth's Avatar
    Just wanted to comment on the text you bolded, refuse to fail. In the long term I agree, you must refuse to fail at achieving your long term goals. In the short term, maybe a better way to look at it is to embrace failure. You will experience setbacks, and you must learn to learn from them Thanks for the post.


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