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Bumpy road ahead for poker affiliates

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by on 08-18-2013 at 10:35 AM (8586 Views)
When the UK government announced they were going to clamp down on offshore gaming companies, poker affiliates should be some of the most concerned.

Poker has taken a beating many times over and is probably the most fragile gambling niche compared to casino, betting and bingo.

The UK government's stance is probably going to be something that other countries notice and comply with. That is forcing gaming companies to comply with their tax regulations even if they don't have a license there. This means less bonuses available to players and also less for affiliates to get. When some taxes get too high, it makes it too difficult being a poker operator to profit in certain markets. This will in turn probably cause more monopolies and when you have that, poker affiliate programs can offer less to affiliates knowing that they have to take it if they want any commissions at all.

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  1. Laurence's Avatar
    In the end I'm glad this information was posted because I wasn't aware of some of these moves, but the piece is just terribly written..

    Just one of the many toxic sentences in there; 'This means more gambling income is being collected from Canadians and leaves the country.'

    I mean wuuuut. Wut wuuuuut.
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