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Chess and Poker

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by on 07-24-2010 at 12:57 AM (10048 Views)
For many years before I started playing Poker I was a chess player. I guess I started playing at around the age of 15 years. My brother who was an International Master in Chess ) a well known member of the Canadian Olympic Chess Team) was always studying different positions on our kitchen table and I could not for the life of me figure out why he loved the game so much.

Well at around that age I opened my first chess book. I was hooked! My first 20-30 games were with one guy i thought i could beat. He beat me every game and this lead me to continue to learn more and more and find anyway to beat him. One day I did!! Since that game he never beat me again. That was my start to playing serious competitive chess.

Unfortunately my brother passed away in 2004 from a long serious illness with Cancer and around this same time we often spoke about Poker. I recall stories of his glory days playing poker and always enjoyed discussing poker with him.

It was at that time I started playing online poker. Its just to bad he is not still around for us to share poker stories but i always feel his presence.

I have always wanted to write a peace on Chess and Poker but never got around to it. A member here Ed who was recommended by Dealer Dan said he could write me up a nice article. It really is a nice peace of work. So i wanted to share it.

In dedication to my bro who passed on August 3, 2004-He loved both games.

Chess and Poker


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  1. Rayer05's Avatar
    I like to play chees but i cannot know how to play poker
  2. jake123's Avatar
    It would be fascinating to learn what mental facilities are shared by players in the 2 games, I know masters in each firld remember details of games for years. There is a little verbal bluffing in Chess, but it tends to be part of a head game.


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