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5 Reasons I Want to Be a New Jersey Gambling Affiliate

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by on 11-12-2013 at 12:34 AM (50920 Views)

Working as a gambling affiliate for the last ten years has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. Along with many other PAL affiliates and all U.S. gambling affiliates, I’ve ridden to the highest peaks, only to race back down to the bottom at blistering speeds. And if the ride in the U.S. market wasn’t climbing or dropping, you can bet there were twists and turns around every corner.

I can almost see the faces of other long-time gambling affiliates reading that analogy and thinking “Yep, that’s pretty much spot on Enke.” As much as I’d love to say the last decade has provided a "great" ride; all I can say is that it’s definitely been real, without a doubt it’s been fun…….but it hasn’t been real fun!

Enough reminiscing about the past however, let’s fast forward to November 26th, 2013 and into 2014. The “real fun” in the U.S. is just about to get started. Since the UIGEA in 2006, and then Black Friday in 2011, industry professionals have constantly been speculating and debating what a “regulated U.S. market” would look like.

It’s hard to believe, but we’re finally here. Over the next few months after Nevada, Delaware, and especially New Jersey get their online gambling operations dialed in, we are going to see the foundation put in place for many other U.S. markets.

While there is undoubtedly still a great deal of uncertainty and unknowns in the U.S. regulated markets, one thing is certain, a new ride is about to leave the station. Will you be on board, or will you miss the opportunity to be a part what could be the largest revolution that legal gambling has seen in the U.S. since the inception of the Internet?

Below are 5 reasons I am excited about this new frontier, and why I personally want to be a New Jersey gambling affiliate.

New Jersey, Nevada, & Delaware Are Just The Beginning

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit, on November 26th when New Jersey online gambling goes live, it probably won’t be that exciting of a day for affiliates. However, given the market size of New Jersey, this is a very significant event for the overall regulated U.S. market.

Imagine if anyone could have predicted what would transpire in our industry back when IRC Poker and Planet Poker were first coming online in the late 1990’s. Who knows what the regulated U.S. online gambling market might look like in 5-10 years? I sure don't, one thing is certain though; I want to be immersed in it from the beginning. Why not roll the virtual dice, get in on the ground floor, and enjoy the new ride!

An Entirely New Market of Players

One of the most intriguing aspects of a regulated U.S. market is the prospect of a new breed of players. With the help of legitimate U.S. advertising campaigns, the perception of “online gambling” in the United Stated is going to become much more legitimized.

With regulated markets being driven by huge land based brands, online gambling will finally exit the shadows of being "illegal offshore gambling”. Instead, it will be no different than playing the lottery or heading to the local casino. Once the initial bugs are worked out and more states begin coming online, the market of recreational players is going to significantly grow.

Interstate Poker Compacts

While New Jersey opening up is exciting, it is still uncertain what type of opportunities there will be for gambling affiliates. In my opinion, the real affiliate opportunities begin to emerge when we start seeing the inception of Interstate Compacts. In other words, once states begin sharing player pools amongst each other, the opportunities for us promoting online poker & casino's in the U.S. should drastically increase.

While it’s pre-mature to speculate what states will compact, and what these compacts will include, there is no doubt Interstate Compacts will happen. In a perfect world, many of these compacts will build in a reciprocity clause for vendors and affiliates.

Hundreds of Millions in Marketing Dollars Up For Grabs

Gone are the days of fly by night companies coming into the industry, robbing player’s blind, stiffing affiliates, and then disappearing. Any company wishing to operate in the regulated U.S. market is going to be legitimate, and more importantly, have very deep pockets.

With that said, even though the affiliate side of the industry might take longer to emerge, there will still be a great deal of opportunity to profit from the general marketing side of it. Time for gambling affiliates to get creative and think outside the box!

Chicks Dig Successful Affiliates

I bet you didn’t see that one coming! But seriously, they do. Ok really though, after writing about regulated markets and legislation all over the Internet so much lately, I just needed some comic relief for myself.

But for any new affiliates interested in this emerging U.S. market, I challenge you to ask any of the older affiliates to tell you some stories about the good old days in the industry. The opportunities and amount of money to be made was mind-boggling. Whether we see another “gold rush” like that remains to be seen. However, we will see a great deal of money being invested into marketing. And with that, there will be a plethora of opportunity for affiliates and marketing professionals to capitalize on.

If you’re currently working as a gambling affiliate, and the U.S. regulated market is not on your radar, simply put, it should be. While there are plenty of news outlets available to help you keep up on the latest developments, I'll post up a few of the best right now.

1. Follow OPR Report and everyone @OPRReport follows. Seriously, a wise man told me this.....I added a bunch of these people to my twitter @JeremyEnke, now I'm in the loop every day.

2. Keep an eye on the PAS U.S. Regulated Gambling Market page and sign-up for their newsletter.

3. Join this LinkedIn group - U.S. Online Gambling Industry Alerts

4. Feel free to skype me anytime if you have questions or want to chat U.S. stuff. I can probably save you a lot of time or research (jeremyenke)

And with that, (In my theme park voice)

Welcome to the U.S. Market, while on this ride, please keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times, PAL is not responsible for anything lost, tossed, stolen, or broken. *Thumbs up*......Enjoy your riiiiiiiiide!
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  1. TheGooner's Avatar
    Yeah .... nah ....

    I'll wait for the interstate compacts to start to develop, and for the application process to be a lot less intrusive and restrictive ...
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    I agree Gooner, I don't think the regulated markets get particularly interesting for affiliates until the interstate compacts start being rolled out.

    Likewise I just can't see affiliates going state to state spending thousands of dollars trying to get licenses and vendors permits. Remembering to renew domains is enough of a pain in the ass. Imagine having to renew licenses with U.S. states every year....No thanks

    From the operators I have spoken with though, they are hoping a sub-affiliate model can be incorporated. Likewise they feel that the large scale affiliate model itself is still a bit pre-mature to discuss considering they are just trying to launch on time right now.

    Thanks for your feedback though. I think many feel the same way at this point.
  3. scrawnybob's Avatar
    will non US affiliates be able to affiliate for the US market(s) ?

    It feels a bit like it's going to be a very closed US only affair afaiks

    While US affiliates have been able to continue to work in non US market and then when US opens again they will have a closed shop - as non US affiliates will be put in the part of the whole "offshore" non regulated untrustworthy excluded group

    have I read this wrong ? or will the sub affiliate route that most US affiliates will have to take for the reasons you outline (costs etc) offer a gateway to non US affiliates too ?
  4. stillstanding's Avatar
    Great article Jeremy I agree that there is a great opportunity with the the US market opening back up albeit on a small scale at the moment but I am sure won't be long through most of the US. I do affiliate marketing but new to poker affiliates but love to play poker so have decided to get in the poker market. You seem to be the authority on the subject so I look forward to learning from you.


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