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Top 5 Reasons To Support PAL Partners

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by on 04-14-2009 at 12:08 AM (8476 Views)
Top 5 Reasons To Support PAL Partners

Many of you probably see the partner sites in the right sidebar every day on this site. And for many affiliates, PAL/CAL are communities you visit every day. Don't worry, I see the analytics, I know. However, how many of you promote a large majority of the sites we have listed here?

Out of the enormous amount of poker affiliate programs that are currently in the market, the programs listed here are programs that see the value in PAL members and actually want to earn your business. Make no mistake about it, these programs all pay for exposure to be in front of you. Below I am going to list a few reasons why you should be supporting our PAL Partner Programs.

Also, I make no 2nd tier income on any links here, so it will never affect your commission by signing up through PAL. In fact, I could care less if you follow a link from here. But it would be great if you let the A.M.'s know that you're a PAL member, and let them know you appreciate them supporting OUR community.

So here are 5 reasons why you should promote PAL Partners:

1. Accountability - Every affiliate program that joins the PAL community knows that they will be held to a higher level of accountability. If issues ever arise, they know that they will be responsible to both me and this entire community for resolving any issues in a timely manner.

2. Direct Line Of Contact - Each affiliate program that gets listed here is accessible to me via email, messenger, or phone within 48 hours. If any issue or dispute were to ever arise with a partner room you are promoting, I am always here to arbitrate it for you. Communication is key in any business, and you will never have a problem with that in regards to a site listed on PAL/CAL, I will personally see to that.

3. They Want To Earn Your Business -
In all my years in the gambling affiliate business, nothing has been better than working with people that actually want to earn my business. Many of the affiliate managers here are active and accessible in the forums, and some even blog. Unlike many A.M.'s in this industry who just manage new sign-ups, these A.M.'s are at PAL/CAL for one reason; they want to do business with you, and more importantly, they want to see you be successful!

4. My Commitment - You have probably noticed my name is on the top of this site, you have my personal commitment. While I will never certify or accredit programs (because I don't believe in it). I take a lot of pride in knowing that both the affiliates and affiliate programs listed on my sites are the best of the best. I will commit to always act in the best interest of the affiliate community and help fellow affiliates with any issues they may have with any partner program listed here.

5. Special Deals - The beauty of PAL/CAL is that affiliate managers know that active members here are the real deal, and not random CPA scammers. They know that most of us live, eat, sleep, and breathe affiliate marketing. Because of this, you can usually negotiate special deals by contacting them through here. Or to make you're life easier, contact me, and I'll sort some special VIP deals for you. Nothing is better for an affiliate manager than being introduced to affiliates who can consistently produce new real money players. Leverage your PAL membership, and contact these A.M.'s today.

As PAL members, there is really no reason not to support the affiliate managers who are a part of this community. I encourage you all to comment and share your positive experiences in this post about PAL Partners who you have worked with in the past, or are currently working with now.

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  1. Matt Geer's Avatar
    Great blog and info! As a new affiliate myself it is great to know that if you need help that you have a whole community to turn to whether it is people from the forum, the AM's, or the owner of the forum himself! I especially like the part about "communication is key in any business." Very true and very important! Thanks for the info and also for the backup! I definitely will be signing up for rooms that I'm not currently with very soon!
  2. moggaz's Avatar
    Great post Jeremy!

    I really think that Affiliates here at PAL should take a better look at PAL partners! And as Jeremy said, you get , accountability, direct line of contact and people that want to earn your business!

    I can just talk for DirtyStackPoker and my own view of this!

    PAL is a great place for us, and PAL have helped us at DSP to grow big times! Even though i only think there is 1 or 2 affiliates from PAL that started to promote us!

    As the AM for DSP i can assure you that you will be taken care of and treated the very best! We do have what i believe is the very best bonuses at ipoker atm!
    We are always around, 24/7 support, live chat, personal contact, msn, skype, phone call´s, you get 2 dedicated AM´s (one in sweden and one in Australia to make sure we are always online and there for you 24/7) and much, much more! All that to make sure we deliver the best experience for you and your players!

    Please contact me on ;
    Mail ; [email][/email]
    Skype ; moggaz
    MSN ; [email][/email]

    And i will explain more about our commitment and why our bonuses kick so much ass and why they really are the best out there ;)

  3. Pokerboy's Avatar
    I hear you!

    Already joined up with a few :)
  4. MJ's Avatar
    I have signed with at least 3 PAL programs I wouldn't have found normally in the last few weeks, so while it will take time for them to see a good return as I add pages and seo their new listings, their revenue WILL grow with me on board.

    Can't say this could have happened without PAL, so I definately support PAL partners and will in fact go out of my way to work with AM's who participate in this forum.
  5. KevinMcC's Avatar
    I have also checked out a few of the PAL partners and started to add them on my network of sites. It would be cool to see some of the partners run promotions like the cake poker playboy mansion promotion that I won last year!

    Also J I think you need to bring back the Monday Motivation to your blog, at least every other Monday or something... those were awesome to read
  6. MAC's Avatar
    I signed for Dafa after seing here and still thinking if they are there.
    Just lost a couple of players ( not CPA scam, % ;) )

    BTW, why don't you have sub-affiliate links?
    If somebody doesn't want to give you a the sub-affiliate % s/he can do it easily.


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