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by on 02-18-2014 at 11:55 AM (6311 Views)
This has been true for a long time but it's not without repeating. If you are creating your first site and are planning to rank for online poker or online casino, stop. This is not an ideal use of your time. Even if you were able to, it would take so long and cost so much money that likely you won't see a return for years.

Pick a niche that is small and likely has player value. Sites that have recently done well are online gambling sites targeting mobile (iPad, iPhone, Android) and virtual currency gaming sites. Those niches are now competitive but a year ago they weren't. Your job is to find the up and coming keywords and target them. It's not hard just takes research and forward thinking. Find out what new technology people are talking about and decide if it would be suitable for casino gaming.

One technology that has recently been making waves is the Oculus Rift. This virtual reality headset has turned heads in the gaming industry. It has won best of awards at the biggest technology conferences as well as getting over $75 million dollars from VC's. I think this would be ideal for the next generation of igaming and there is currently little competition.

I just came up with one example but there are many more out there. I would say it's more important to find an under saturated niche then actually creating the site. Take your time, find a space, then crush it.
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  1. TimH's Avatar
    Searching a non competitve (sub) niche is ofcourse the best option for making fast and (easy) money at online marketing.

    But if you have got the time and make a good combination of learning and doing than you will figure out that it isn't that hard to rank for semi-competitive gambling search terms. And after awhile you got like a whole own network of gambling sites it only will become easier.

    Nothing in life is easy, if you will fight for it, you will succeed.
  2. red's Avatar
    Great tips. Trying out this affilate game again


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