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Brief About Me: My name is Kevin, I am a 22 year old from Ontario, Canada. I got into the poker affiliate world around October 2007, where I knew absolutely nothing about building or running a website!

  1. Organizing Computer Feels Great

    by on 02-26-2013 at 11:01 PM (Poker69's Affiliate Blog)
    I just finished organizing my computer and man does it feel great.

    While I was away on vacation I was reading a book about getting more stuff done and increasing productivity. I realized I needed to be organized both with my computer and with my files in my office for tax purposes, etc.

    I started off with my new Mac a few years ago keeping somewhat organized, but I didn't really have a good system set up to keep everything clean. Over the past two years the files have ...
  2. Business Running on Auto Pilot

    by on 09-13-2012 at 11:54 AM (Poker69's Affiliate Blog)
    This weekend I'm heading to NYC for my birthday and mini vacation. It will be my first time in New York City, and we've got some fun stuff lined up (Giants NFL game, Yankee Stadium to see my Blue Jays in town, and other tourist stuff).

    The past few years I have basically never left town during the football season, as I usually spent Friday's and Saturday's posting articles on my sites and getting ready for football on the weekends. That also meant usually not going out on Friday ...
  3. Random Summer Ramblings

    by on 07-04-2012 at 01:19 PM (Poker69's Affiliate Blog)
    I like to try and write a blog post here at PAL every few months, so I thought I would go ahead and write about a bunch of random stuff: what I'm working on, my life, whatever.

    For those of you who have followed me blog here or my personal blog know that I've been working hard on getting outside of being a gambling affiliate to try and diversify my income. I stopped as a poker affiliate as I lost interest a few years, but I still love sports betting and will continue with that.... ...
  4. Cheers to Jeremy and PAL Members!

    by on 12-20-2011 at 12:49 PM (Poker69's Affiliate Blog)
    I enjoy blogging here sometimes so I decided to write another small blog post before the end of the year...

    This October marked 4 years for me as an affiliate from the month that I started posting on the forum (PAW or PAP back then) asking for help about putting a website live on the internet.

    Time flies.

    I remember getting a ton of help from Nicole (Josh's wife) putting up the ugliest website I had designed, which was just a 2 column table with links ...
  5. Trouble With Sports Betting Rev? New Revenue Stream

    by on 09-06-2011 at 07:15 PM (Poker69's Affiliate Blog)
    After a year or two messing around with sports betting sites I've finally realized something that has made me a lot more money than I had been making...

    Give visitors what they are looking for.

    I had been running different picks/predictions type websites with hopes to draw sports bettors and then get them to sign up at a sportsbook because of a special bonus, reduced juice, etc.

    After not having much success with getting RMPs I realized that people searching ...
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