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Randy L

A Special thanks to PAL!

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by on 04-15-2010 at 10:10 PM (2277 Views)
I wanted to take a second to thank everyone involved in helping me raise funds for my friend Shane's family. The death hit his wife and children hard, and it him being so tough it just took us all by surprise.

Of course the family and friends have many tough times ahead trying to adjust, I feel so good about being able to ease some of the burden on them, even if only a little bit.

Several PAL members have donated money, money form domain and websites, sales etc. We have some very special people on here and I'm super proud to be apart and know all of you. Its one thing to help someone you know, but to help out complete strangers is something special!

I plan on going to visit with Daphne (Shane's wife) Sunday or Monday and taking her all the funds donated. I know some money is still coming in and I assure you it will all get to the family, so no need to rush.

Also I want to give out shout out to my man Riyaz at - You are the man buddy! This dude rocks and this program is awesome, no bull.

Anyway, everyone involved has link on my blog, and other sites It's the least I could do for you guys. Please let me know if I missed anyone, and there is still domains and websites for sale from myself, OPB, Todd, and I think a couple others. These guys have all offered to donate a portion of their sales to the family, so check those sales threads out.

Finally, I know several people have emailed, IM'd, and text'd me over the last week. I've still been in a state of shock over all this, so I have not been doing much work. But I will be back at it come this weekend, so expect some replies soon and thanks for everyone's support and understanding.

Wow, that was way longer than I intended!

Thanks again guys!

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  1. KevinMcC's Avatar
    It's really great to see stuff like this from PAL.

    (Randy I am still waiting on the payment for the link sale I made, but I will have at least $50 coming your way once I get it!)
  2. Randy L's Avatar
    Thanks awesome Kevin, thanks so much and no rush dude. It will help now or a month from now.

    Living and working the affiliate world makes us all a little weird about money. It's nothing for most of us to make 5-6 figure investment, or get a big payment randomly. We are lucky! Most people I know live paycheck to paycheck and an extra few hundred buck or w/e means a LOT to them.

    So far we have raised $700+ dollar which will make a huge difference! So any little bit helps and is appreciated!

    You guys all rock!


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