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2012 Should be awesome

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by on 01-30-2012 at 08:05 PM (3134 Views)
Most of you know I have been going through a lot of changes - Anyway, I get a lot of messages asking what I'm up too, if I'm still in gaming, etc. Also what my plans for 2012 are. So I'll see if I can update everyone.

Personal Stuff

First off, I've been dealing with my mother's health issues. She has been sick for a couple years, and nobody knew why. She's just turned 60 this month, and we found out a couple month ago she has "Lou Gehig's" aka "ALS" - No cure, some treatment, but just tough on her and everyone.

I'm the baby boy of the family, and the only one that lives close. So I've been in charge of setting up home health, Dr's appointments, etc. But overall, it's tough to watch a women who has always been on the go and active, to be tied to machines now. It is not easy to deal with for her, or for us.

As I said, I'm a big momma's boy, and it just sucks. Nobody should have to have ALS, its just a disease that pisses you off.

On the bright side, we have two boys graduating this year, one is signing with a college this week with a Baseball Scholarship, and the other with a Full Academic scholarship. We are so proud, and it just hit me that our boys will be going off to college. I'm 34, and feeling old and just worried. Of course, super proud.

Work Stuff

Since the Rakeupdate mess, I have been doing a lot of SEO/Marketing consulting for poker rooms, and large affiliates. I really love this type of work, and I recently accepted a role running the PR and Marketing side of a campaign. A State Appellate Judge is running for the State Supreme court, and this should be a fun experience.

Over the last 3 months or so, we have sold most of our websites and accounts. The last of the sales was closed last week. So we are now debt free! Which is huge for us considering when we got married, we could barley pay our rent, couldn't afford TV, etc. So nice turn around

As I said I'll be doing the campaign and continuing to take consulting jobs, and above all relax and enjoy life some.

I'm still dealing with the kids graduating, life goes pas quick. A lot of times I don't think I've been enjoying myself, and if guys like us that build businesses, sell business, etc - If we can't enjoy life some, what the fuck is the point?

So, I'm now planning a couple trips, and considering what new projects I want to do. In the past, all my major sites we developed slowly as I had time, and money. I never had a lot of either, so now that we are in a position to fund any project we want, I think it will be a lot of fun.

So, if you are looking for an investor/business partner, I'm opening to looking at anything.

PS - Oh I almost forgot. We all know there is a lot of shady crap that goes on in the industry. Over the years I've been in a unique position to see a lot of these shady deals and shady people. So now that nobody else can threaten to hold my money, or some other threat. I will be calling some of the people and companies out on their bullshit. So stay tuned for that. It feels nice not to owe anyone
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  1. KevinMcC's Avatar
    Have a good year Randy!
  2. Randy L's Avatar
    Thanks Kev, you too buddy


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