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2 great articles by DealerDan

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by on 01-21-2010 at 12:47 AM (3436 Views)
Just saw 2 new articles by DealerDan. First one especially for the affiliates attending their first affiliate conference:

6 Tips for Attending Your First Affiliate Conference | Poker Affiliate Bible – The #1 Free Poker Affiliate Guide

2nd one is quite interesting, about the newly launched game(rush poker) by FT. Would love to know what others think about it :

Rush Poker: OMGWTFBBQ | Poker Affiliate Bible – The #1 Free Poker Affiliate Guide

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  1. CasinoKev's Avatar
    Love the Rush Poker article.
  2. jdwanchalk's Avatar
    I disagree 100% about the Rush Poker concept.

    You are lumping Rush Poker into other small games that sites might have. The fact is that Rush Poker is big and innovative enough that a Stars player could switch to Full Tilt.

    I got a few signups already from a site I put up yesterday, I would say that it was worth the $7 domain and an hour or two of work.

    Rush Poker is very big and very unique, there will certainly be plenty of players from other sites Googling rush poker queries. If you have a Rush Poker site you will be able to draw those players in and get quite a few sign ups.
  3. Strider1973's Avatar
    I have to agree with JD here.
    Too bad Dealer Dan has disabled the comments on his site.

    Of course most people of your visitors will already have an account at FTP. But this is true for most visitors: Most people who google for poker strategy or for poker news already have an online poker account.

    The biggest innovation in the poker industry I remember was the introduction of "Double or Nothing" SNG's in summer 2008. And Rush Poker is far more innovative than DON.

    With rush poker, FTP will rake much more money from recreational players who use to play only one table at the time. And this new game has convinced me to start affiliating FTP - and for sure I will try it the game as well.
  4. Planet Mark's Avatar
    Great Rush article, nails and heads and all that good stuff... have to think up a Melted Felt for this one too.

    Also wanted to say that DD's casino article in which he suggested playing for real money was spot on too - really did change the way I write about some of the games.

    Cheers - Not going to London but will buy you a drink at the next conference instead!

  5. tiburon's Avatar
    But he is not right. I see already new accounts on ft

    [I]"It's great for low stakes grinder pros. I was a former 24 tabling .50/1 NL player on Pokerstars up until yesterday. This (rush) is absolutely no change for the way I approach the game. I played readless/robotic poker before this. If anything, rush helps tremendously with preventing regs who are paying attention on 9 of my regular tables from owning me. also much more convenient. 12 tabling rush poker is similar to 42 tabling (3400ish hands per hour) on pokerstars so i make so much more per hour in rakeback as well. "[/I]

    [I]"I'm considering depositing on FTP in order to grind out their bonus over the next few weeks, and this looks like a pretty speedy way to do that. I assume that you still get the same points/hand and rakeback as on standard tables? Seems like it'll attract a lot more gambly fish, at least for a while, so can't be that bad"[/I]
    Updated 01-21-2010 at 03:55 AM by tiburon
  6. Randy L's Avatar
    Good stuff Dan, I have to agree and although there is going to be arguments that "oh bullshit I already got some SU's" that the tried and true logic of what you are saying is spot on. I "LOL'd" when I saw the Rush domains go up for sale that day like it was worth something.

    Maybe we are wrong and this will get a few signups. I think it will bring some traffic, and then if a player doesn't have an account the next thing they will do is google FT Bonus code or something lol
  7. jdwanchalk's Avatar
    Randy, of all people I am surprised that you don't have "" and other similar domains so that you can offer rakeback on them, since it seems to be a habit of yours to break explicit affiliate T&C's and get away with it.

    Obviously I expected this type of reply from you though, whatever, the fact is that it is getting sign ups, no matter what your opinion is.
  8. jdwanchalk's Avatar
    Also, how do you apply a "tried and true logic" to a game that is completely different and on a much larger scale than any previous adjustments or additions to their site. You can't call something tried and true when it is the first instance of it. It's not like they just added Omaha, people made and it failed. This isn't a small change, it is a big one.
  9. superiorword's Avatar
    [QUOTE=jdwanchalk;bt4196]Randy, of all people I am surprised that you don't have "" and other similar domains so that you can offer rakeback on them, since it seems to be a habit of yours to break explicit affiliate T&C's and get away with it.

    Obviously I expected this type of reply from you though, whatever, the fact is that it is getting sign ups, no matter what your opinion is.[/QUOTE]


    Seriously though, everyone has their own opinion so let's not get this heated :)

  10. Randy L's Avatar
    Yeah man, if you read my post you will see I said "We could be wrong" lol - so prove me wrong dude, make millions and be secure in the fact that this "rule breaker" knows nothing of this business.

    Oh and if I have any domain running that you think are against the T&C's please feel free to report me. the fact that you cannot wrap your head around is that affiliates that bring in quality players and make money get special treatment. I know life isn't fair but it is what it is. Each domain and webiste I have has been approved and I have nothing to hide.

    Anyway let's not derail this thread with your temper tantrums its getting really old with you. This is a nice thread so far and has the potential for different points of view and good discussion.
    Updated 01-21-2010 at 12:33 PM by Randy L
  11. DealerDan's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Received a lot of feedback on this one which was expected.

    I'm sure people that have Rush Poker dedicated websites, or have Rush Poker on their site, will see quite a few signups for that, and I really do hope you guys do well.

    However it's more to try and get you guys to sit back and think about your audience. I've looked at some Rush Poker dedicated sites, or rush poker sections on poker pages and you can see a lot of work has went into it. I mean look how fast people have given the game Rush Poker an online presence.

    However too many people just have the mindset that an article on Rush Poker, or a website on Rush Poker, will surely make them money as it's such a hot topic right now, when in reality I would be very surprised to see it be a major success for anyone.

    People have to think a bit more outside the box. Look at your website stats. Then look at your signups at Full Tilt list for the Rush Poker campaigns. I've absolutely no idea the ratio, but I'd expect it to be a minimum of every 500 visitors brings in a signup. Some people will be happy with just getting signups, while ignoring the big picture which is that's 499 visitors that you AREN'T converting.

    The articles main point is not that promoting Rush poker is pointless, it's to make you think a bit more about your audience. So think about them. Look at the keywords. Look at what they do on your website, how long they stay, what the read etc. Build up a portfolio on your web visitors, then find a way to market to that 499 that aren't signing up, and do something with them. Just off the top of my head:

    - Easy options to share your website on forums, websites, e-mail, facebook, twitter etc. Rush Poker is a hot topic at every poker forum right now - do everything you can to be the website that people link to with information on the game.

    - Along with Rush Poker, talk about some other obscure games that people may not be aware of. A-7 5 Card Draw is just one example.

    - Offer a strategy guide for Rush Poker, which they can only get if they provide you with their e-mail address. Or put a lot of the good stuff on private areas requiring people to register to read more.

    - Get a special promotion going at a poker room or casino, maybe no deposit free cash, or a time limited exclusive bonus or a freeroll tournament or something, and promote the hell out of it throughout the articles.

    Just a couple of ideas. I honestly don't believe a cookie cutter Rush Poker website on its own will bring in lots of signups and revenue, but there is definetely money in it - you just have to figure out how to convert the people that already have existing FTP accts.

    Thanks again for the feedback all. Hope to see many of you at London for beers beers and more beers :)
  12. Spry's Avatar
    nice post Graeme, hahah the OMGWFTBBQ.

    I was thinking along a similar line yesterday, even though my initial reaction was to go get a domain or three, I managed to hold back. Potential trademark violations combined with the fact that many of these players will already play at FTP, combined with the fact that i vowed to build out bigger sites instead of start a new mini-site held me back.

    With that said i think sites that get rush poker traffic could convert similar to or maybe even better than generalized strategy / news sites if they can get the traffic that is looking to switch from a site over to ftp so they can play the game.

    Regardless, the marketing in the article rings true if you read it... think about your audience and cater to them and you could probably find a way to convert the rush poker traffic.
  13. DealerDan's Avatar
    YOU held back on buying domain? I'm a bit worried about my flight to London now - what with all those flying pigs out there :)
  14. Newjabber's Avatar
    [QUOTE]Too bad Dealer Dan has disabled the comments on his site.[/QUOTE]

    Yeah what up with that man ... it has always annoyed me :-( Read the articles yesterday too and wanted to comment.
    Get back in the game and allow comments please ;-)
  15. Randy L's Avatar
    Well said again Double D -

    For those who don't know, about two years ago I went to Dealer Dan and ask for an honest website review of LC Poker - Several emails later I was faced with the fact that there was a reason I wasn't converting players well, and needed to improve. Dan is indeed the man!

    So for anyone looking to hit the next level, get on Dan's website and see if he is willing to spend a few looking at your website. His advice is GOLD and changed my perception of poker marketing (again)
  16. leporello's Avatar
    Jdwan, you seriously need to address your anger management issues. Exploding in a fit of rage at random people is not a good way of dealing with problems nor is it a good way to build relationships in this business.
  17. leporello's Avatar
    To Dealer Dan, loved the article. One of the people I do a lot of work with was snapping up domains for it but I felt the same as you. The one thing that I will say is that I believe the game is patent pending so it may be licensed out to other sites/networks in the future.

    I think the underlying message in the post is far more important and that's analysing your traffic, see what they're looking for when they land on certain pages and think creatively about how to get them to use one of your calls to action. Not everyone who is searching for a sit and go startegy article will be interested in a new poker room, but they may be interested in a sub to a sit n go training site or to some sit and go software.
  18. jdwanchalk's Avatar
    [QUOTE=leporello;bt4205]Jdwan, you seriously need to address your anger management issues. Exploding in a fit of rage at random people is not a good way of dealing with problems nor is it a good way to build relationships in this business.[/QUOTE]

    I am fine, thanks.
  19. Hazo's Avatar
    I agree with big double D here. One of the lessons I have learnt from him is that there has to be a definitive purpose to creating content. How is another player bio going to bring in $?

    Focus on what brings players and not what the flavour of the month is.

    P.s loved the UFCpoker thing, didn't even know they had it :S
  20. GFPC's Avatar
    Great read Dealer Dan. Always one of my favorite writers in this industry.

    Much respect!!

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