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Win the New Wordpress Gambling Theme

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on 08-30-2010 at 10:46 AM (4614 Views)
I recently completed the new Flush Theme for wordpress. I developed it because I thought it would be great to use on a niche specific gambling site. Say you wanted to create an Omaha niche related site, you could easily create a nice landing page from this theme for it.

PAL users use the code: flush75 to get the theme for only $75.

I am offering one free theme that will randomly be drawn from the surveys below. If you already bought the theme I will credit the money back to you if you win.

Just answer the questions below and respond to me by PM or email: Thomas at Entries needed by Sept. 2 and I will announce the winner on the 3rd of Sept.


General Wordpress Questions

1. How would you characterize your experience level with using wordpress? (Are you a beginner or do you have knowledge of programming/customizing themes?)

2. What are the main plugins that you use and their functions?

3. What would you like to see customized as a theme option, perhaps instead of using a plugin? Example: Maybe you would like theme to have its own SEO options instead of using a plugin for it. Perhaps you would like to easily edit the width or maybe the background of the theme instead of editing code.

4. What is the main thing you look for when buying a theme, what really sells you on it?

Casino / Gambling Related

5. What types of items do you regularly use on a review page for a casino/poker room, like site logo, site screenshots, etc?

6. What fields do you use in a bonus/ top sites table, like review link, logo, site name?

7. What type of theme would you like to see created, what niche inside the gambling industry?

8. Name a widget that you would love to see created for your gambling site even if you are not sure it is possible?

These answers will help me develop future themes, thanks - much appreciated!

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  1. CasinoMack's Avatar
    1. Extensive knowledge of programming and customizing themes. is heavily customized.
    I have many customized wordpress sites.

    2. My must haves:
    Wp-spam free - essential - nuff said.
    Multi-level Navigation Plugin - top navigation
    Review site/ratings - however, not essential because could use custom fields for it.
    All in one seo - but like headspace2 as well.

    3. I like the custom options in the admin panels of woothemes and some others on themeforest. Note I do not have any of ur themes yet.

    4. The look of it, because I can customize it if I have to. Design is where my computer skills are weak. They have fallen off the map, but I used to be good at it, just didn't keep up with the slicing trend.

    5. The same as u have in ur themes right now.

    6. All of those, plus visit link, maybe an extra field if an aff wants to put something unique there to differentiate from competitors.

    7. No specific niche, but I definitely need something I can swap around for different niches. I know that is backwards.

    8. Its definitely possible. Tournament feed or something similar.
  2. Randy L's Avatar
    1. I'd say I've used WP enough to be advanced, but your themes are beyond anything I could do, so good stuff!

    2. I like social and auto ping plugins, and some sites I use a translator

    3. I think the SEO options is the main thing, I still use the All in one SEO plugin - I bought your first couple themes, I've started to buy the rest, but I need/want it to be more customized (which I know you do) - I think more layout and color options is a must for me.

    4. Being able to customize easily, I'm not a programmer or a designer so I want to be able to drag and drop a lot

    5. Logo, screenshot, CTA buttons - I'd like to see a variety of CTA's to choose from - even different style and colors of buttons. OH and we should be able to edit the text of the buttons, that is big for split testing

    6. Yes all of those

    7. I think you have the general niches covered, again just need more drag and drop type options for layout and colors

    8. Well, this is a shameless plug, but we have a WP Hand Replayer plugin which I'd like to see added and I think webmasters and visitors would love it - Little things like that make a difference. Picture putting a Hand Replayer example in a Strategy Article - good stuff - We should chat about this

    9. I'd like to see more casino stuff, and maybe some adsense ready themes for non gaming -
  3. CasinoKev's Avatar
    PM Sent
    Updated 09-02-2010 at 12:33 PM by CasinoKev (Missed some details)
  4. Tom's Avatar
    Congrats to addz123 for winning the new theme! His name was randomly picked from a hat. Thanks for all the submissions.
  5. Randy L's Avatar

    LOL jk man


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