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New Gambling Wordpress Theme

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on 10-05-2009 at 08:59 AM (7453 Views)
Just wanted to let people know about the new gambling theme I have developed called Dealer Theme. I have spent a good amount of time creating the most flexible theme geared towards poker, casino, sportsbook, and other gambling affiliates and cannot wait to see some of the websites affiliates will create with this theme.

I started creating gambling themes because I wanted easier ways to update and maintain my own poker affiliate websites and a way to create affiliate sites faster. Since I have dealt with some of the issues first hand when creating casino and poker affiliate sites, I thought I would have great insight on some of the aspects that would be great in a poker/casino theme.

I recently had success with my previous themes High Roller Black and High Roller Blue. There are a bunch of websites using both of these themes and they look great.

A few of the members here have some great sites as well. Simon has created the best casino online site using the High Roller Black theme. Randy has developed an online casino bonuses site also using the High Roller Black theme. I also help Wes create a sweet poker strategy site that has some excellent content on it.

I created a simple design for the new Dealer Theme so users can easily modify it in the backend and change elements such as fonts, backgrounds colors, borders, links, etc. You can also choose multiple layouts and have the ability to embed different bonus tables and featured site tables directly within posts. It would literally take several pages to describe everything that is in the new Dealer theme, so I invite you to check out 5 videos I created to see a preview for yourself at I have included an in depth 26 page manual for the dealer theme to help you get everything setup after purchase.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Use code PALBLOG25 during checkout to get $25 any of the themes for a limited time.

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Updated 10-06-2009 at 09:02 AM by Tom

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  1. MJ's Avatar
    Hey Tom, congrats on getting it done. Do people like myself who were the first purchasers of the last theme get to "upgrade" to this theme for a fee?
  2. Tom's Avatar
    Yes, you will get a 50% discount if you purchased an older theme. PM for the discount code.
  3. MJ's Avatar
    Just send it yo, you know I've been waiting!
  4. TheShortStack's Avatar
    Just wanted to say Tom's themes are always great to work with, but this one marks a huge step forward in terms of functionality while still managin to keep the whole thing user friendly.

    In short it's really impressive ;)

    P.S. FYI, the High Roller Theme is on [url=]Best Casino Online[/url] rather than the link mentioned above.
  5. Tom's Avatar
    Thanks simon. I changed the link, I got the sites mixed up.
  6. GottaTryIt's Avatar
    I've bought this theme and have to say it's well worth the price (which is cheap anyway) This will save so much time and is so easy to use/change it's an affiliates best frend!!

    Thanks a lot and keep up the excellent work.
  7. milijardierius's Avatar
    Hello, Is this theme is fully translatable into other language?

    Thank You


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