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    Default Improved Casino Bonus codes

    Hi there,

    I've just been chatting to the AM at one of the casinos I'm promoting and he's offered me some codes for an improved welcome bonus.

    I suppose I should be pleased given that I'm able to offer potential players something different. I guess I'm just a bit suprised seeing as I haven't driven them a whole lot of volume at the moment.

    On top of that I've been reading stories about how a lot of casino players seem to be opting out of welcome bonuses in favour of being able to withdraw their cash if/when they start winning.

    So I guess what I'm asking is, is there any reason why I shouldn't be promoting improved welcome bonuses? Is there a downside to putting these unique codes up on my site?

    Thanks for your help in advance ...
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    I do use them when i can get them, mostly rtg's allow you this option.

    I dont see any harm in using them, but if you can try to get a landing page that reflects the increased bonus. I know a few of the casinos i promoted would give me special 200% bonuses, instead of the 100% but when a player clicked a link it still shows the 100% bonus. If this is the case use the direct download link instead of sending them direct to the casino. Ive tested this and find it works better.

    Another thing, when you display this be sure to let the players know it is an EXCLUSIVE bonus, they feel more special, show it as regular bonus xxx% our exclusive bonus xxxx%.

    As for a lot of players opting out of bonuses, this is becoming more and more true as there are so many t&c with a lot of the bonuses that players are getting sick of them, especially the excluded games one and the max cashout one .
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    I've had luck getting landing pages done at C-planet and CWC. I have noticed with blackjack players that most will take a smaller bonus if it has better wagering requirements. For instance there may be a larger bonus up to $1,000 but may have 40x WR. On the other hand if you can get a 10-25% instant bonus but with WR 15-20x you may see more people take the smaller bonus. So far in casino I only have experience promoting mainly blackjack so slots players and other may be different. I would recommend checking out Casinomeister and reading some of the threads where players discuss bonuses also.


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