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    Default A variety of unique online casino packs for sale - Ready to go!

    I have a few more packs ready to go. I'll leave them here for a few days at a very fair rate, then I'll remove them if they don't sell. You'll find them at the bottom of the post and I accept PayPal for payment.

    I believe it sets a bad presedence in the writing industry to allow unique, high-quality articles to sell for the low rates I've been seeing here. How can any worthy writers produce quality articles when they have to churn out four articles an hour to barely make a livable hourly wage? They can't, so you get sloppy articles that may have been chopped up just enough to pass Copyscape. Yes, we chose to be writers, but we didn't choose to do it for free.

    I'm determined to offer quality articles at a fair price (fair for both sides). I'd like to invite other writers to join me. Don't lower your rates to nothing, work 80 hours a week to barely keep the lights on and end up with carpal tunnel syndrome in a few years. Affiliates can make a great living off that passive income your articles greatly contribute to, you should at least be able to keep the fridge stocked with food.

    (Writers - If all you can do is write crap worth a penny-a-word, take time off and learn your trade. You should never give a client crappy work, no matter what they paid. If this is what you do, then take some pride in it.)

    If you're still here, I have the following packs for sale for *fair* prices!

    * Casino Pack * 400 -500 words $50

    *Slots Pack* 400 - 500 words $40

    *Bingo Pack* 400 - 500 words $40
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