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Thread: My best affiliate advice for new poker affiliates

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    For me it's more about stimulating conversation, and living where I live there is nobody that understand online marketing let alone gambling affiliate markets. I took a long time away from the gaming side, but I've been doing a lot of consulting for affiliates in recent months, and for w/e reason it re-light a fire to dive back in. Especially in the sports and casino side of things.

    I think with all the bad changes in the market the last couple years, there is a "gap" left to carve out some nice income, much easier than anytime in recent memory.

    PAL is also a fascinating place IMO - Think of all the members who went from broke to making high 6 figures PLUS - That fascinates me too. Some of the smartest people I know I've met on here, I can't think of any other place where that's possible. So yeah, I do hope PAL picks back up and stays growing. Never hurts to have smart people kicking topics around.


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