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    Default Idea For Growing Aced

    Ok folks here is my idea and I think it shows potential to be a win/win/win for all parties involved.

    Aced is a killer room - on a great network that should be growing faster, I have unique ideas that can help.

    I've embarked on a venture with Brandon (who is unaware of this post btw, I'm sure he'll let me know if I'm off base here) to do a lot of videos at Aced.

    These videos will be live strategy play in the forms of $5-$50 Sit And Go's and 10nl - 200nl - with low stakes stud and omaha in the mix.

    While not Trikkur quality strategy (not all players are level 3 thinkers like him), we can definately show your players how to beat the games by playing a tight solid game of poker.

    Here is my proposal, I want to see this network grow - for my own reasons.

    We offer a service where we sell branded videos to affiliates wanting their own strategy pages, maybe one of our customers will come in here and show off their pages for how they are doing this - it's very sticky and viral.

    What I'm proposing to affiliates not yet signed up to promote Aced is this - we'll deliver you 10 BRANDED and customized videos of our live strategy play at Aced, to anyone who is willing to sign-up as a subaffiliate under me.

    If already an affiliate, we can work something out and there will be free embed options available that are branded back to us....but if you want to keep the traffic at home I'd love to talk to some of you about this.

    Brandon - hope this is ok to offer btw, just looking to pump people up on promoting this great new site.

    Cliffnotes - sub under me at Aced and I'll deliver you a $500 branded video strategy package of poker strategy and tips on how exactly to beat the games at Aced Poker.

    PM or post here to discuss if anyone thinks this could work out I will benefit from subaffiliate income, the network will get a lot of exposure, and you will recieve free 2.0 content for your site.
    Buying: sites with traffic/earnings, also premium .coms - PM Me Offers

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    This has my blessing. Contact MJ, then contact me to talk about a deal.

    Thanks MJ!


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