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    Talking Play poker with Doyle Brunson and play golf with David Leadbetter in Florida for free

    Hi everybody! Good news!

    Starting tomorrow, October 3rd through Sunday, October 25th, if your top 10 players rake more than any other affiliate’s top 10 players, you’ll be in sunny Florida by November 1st enjoying your first day of poker and golf lessons from the pros.

    A leaderboard will be up on our website next week so you can track your position and push for the lead. The winner will be announced on Monday October 26th at

    The only requirement for you to participate in this race for an exclusive spot in the world-class golf and poker academy is to have a DoylesRoom or DoylesCasino banner on your homepage...That simple!

    Remember! Just 22 days of competition for a once in a lifetime $17,500 package!

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    The Champions Course's are pretty neat, I imagine that's where the lessons are going to be.

    Marcela - Just an update, but your contest tabs are out of date on the affiliate side. Will this contest include rakeback players?

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    Marcela, I realize you're working for Doyles and you have to do what you can to market the room...I respect that. I've dealt with you in the past and always thought you were great, so by no means is this anything personal to you. Maybe however you can pass along this info to whoever comes up with these promotions.

    These types of promotions are just silly. You'll have a few of the huge sites actually competing for this, meaning that some already rich guy will get a chance for a cool, free package. Good for him. The other 99.8% of us gain nothing from this.

    This is yet another great example of a patronizing, useless promotion put on by a poker room. To be perfectly honest with you, promotions like this actually make me want to promote your site less, and those that are less patronizing I want to promote more. Why would I want to send more players to a room who thinks I'm stupid?

    Doyles already took away our players when they were sold off to FT, just to come back a few months later and the aff's were just SOL. This promotion helps to confirm why I haven't added you guys to 90% of my sites.

    Hey, if any AM's are listening.... all you have to do is treat us right and pretend you care about our business. Is it really that hard to do?

    Again, I think Marcela is great and I know she's just doing her job.... this has NOTHING to do with Marcela herself.
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