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    Default What do you want to see in an affiliate promotion?

    While working in the poker affiliate industry I have seen every promotion under the sun. WSOP seats, Hummers, cash prizes, Playboy parties, and even a cake.

    What do you want to see as an affiliate? Do you think a promotion should rank affiliates by MGR, RMPs, or a completely different form of measurement? We would like to offer a affiliate promotion that is attainable by all of our publishers, small, medium, and large.

    I remember that Empire Poker used to run monthly promos awarding the affiliates who achieved a set amount of RMPs in a single month. I know that always got both me and my sub-affiliates out there pushing Empire. In one of those promos I won a cash prize, an Empire chip-set, shirt, hat, poker table top, and Empire branded card decks. I still have most of that gear.

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    Couple random brainstorm ideas. May not all make sense but that's brainstorming for you.

    1. For pure number contest (affiliate with highest MGR for example), you will have to offer valuable rewards. The iPad giveaway for the PAS affiliate with the most MGR was a little underwhelming because whoever wins that contest would have probably just had a six figure month. I would suggest things that people don't typically spend cash on - vacations, parties, playboy mansion, something creative. Cash itself works too.

    2. Something attainable for all affiliates - Most improved affiliate over the course of a month or longer, affiliate who adds the most new pages of good content, affiliate who builds the most quality links, etc. This would take a little more work and hammering out on details but could build interest in the contest.
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    You could organize the PAS awards, with different categories:

    -the best affiliate

    -the most creative

    -the best design

    -the best beginner

    With the different categories you will be able to give a chance to all the affiliates from small to large one.

    As for the rewards you could in addition to any prizes put a section on PAS website featuring this websites. And create badges for winner to put on their websites.

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    I'm going to chime in here as an Affiliate and an AM -

    I love the idea of "most improved" affiliate and one thing I know PAS and RU has been doing is helping with Design and marketing. One of my jobs with RU is helping our new and older affiliates get started with things like design (Eduardo), custom images, banners, etc. Another thing I know PAS and RU does is help with general marketing. Ensuring players are promoting all the perks related to the specific offers.

    I know some affiliates that started with us 6 months ago that are now really producing and its exciting to see. I like to take some credit More money to them means more overall value to their players.

    So to expand on the "most improved theme" - Maybe work with groups of low producing affiliates, helping them along with possible design issues, marketing, calls to action, etc. Set some goals they can all shot for over a specific period and award the ones that get there with a cash prize or a special tournament or a free website "makeover" or something.

    Anyway, for me (as an affiliate) all the promos can get over blown somewhat and as was mentioned above, metrics like ; most players, most mgr, etc will all be hit by bigger affiliates which will mean little to them. So I think where providers like us (RTR, PAS, RU, RBE) can make a big difference is working with the affiliates that are new or not pushing average numbers by sharing our knowledge of the industry and helping the new guys.

    Anyway, this is getting long winded which I blame on massive doses of cold medicine

    Great thread, would love to hear more feedback on this!
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