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    Mackan's latina maid

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    Default SCAMMER ALERT: WATCH OUT - Details ITT

    Known details:

    He adds people from PAL on skype (likely those who have the skype accounts listed) and offers to swap PP for anything else. Then he sends You a money request with "Pedro sent You $1000" in the subject line, telling that You need to accept the payment.

    Clearly it's obvious that he sends a payment request, but if I would be in the middle of a workday, I would probably just hit the "Pay/Accept" button.

    So after I realized he is full of poo poo, I wanted to get some more information out of him, so went for the good old "You're an idiot" move - Screenshot on 2015-03-12 at 22.22.12.png • Droplr

    Just sent $0.01 to Skrill to see the name of the account and it matches PP - Andre Cardoso.

    Mods: if someone could search for that e-mail address matching any accounts on PAL, that would be appreciated.

    Be careful, fellas.

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    Username on PAL: unk16

    Also has an email '' that he uses. I once had a EUR 2052 transfer going with him two years ago when I was ignorant and foolish and he tried to charge back. They didn't rule that one in his favor but they did on an earlier $500 transfer.

    Then about a month ago I was on a holiday, got a message from him and didn't remember who he was. I exchanged $300 this time PP > MB and sure enough he charged back. I bumped myself in the head for falling for it again and raised hell with paypal when they were about to rule in his favor. I kept on submitting the evidence every single day for a full week, and his claims of someone hacking into his account were actually questioned properly and they ruled in my favor again.

    Definitely watch out for the guy, you will almost guaranteed not be as lucky as I've been dodging the bullets since Paypal is the worst piece of shit payment provider you'll ever come across obv.
    [WTB] - Money printing machine


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