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  1. Only a handful of hours removed from the end of Pando’s 24-hour Don’t Be Awful event, a gathering dedicated to fostering ideas for a better Silicon Valley, and we already have another glaring example of why such an event is desperately needed.  Dice.com, a self-described “a job searching platform for technology professionals,” is advertising its service with a Bay Area billboard that reads “Find the hottest tech […]

  2. Storied History of Women at the World Series of Poker
    Posted By Steve Ruddock on 01/25/2015

    As time goes by, more women are becoming World Series of Poker professional poker players. As the numbers increase, a woman is sure to win the Main Event.

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  3. Three roles that every investor should play
    Posted By Boris Wertz, Guest Contributor on 01/25/2015

    (Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Boriz Wertz, founder of Version One Ventures. The post went through PandoDaily’s usual editorial process. Mr. Wertz was not paid for this post.) Three roles that every investor should play What’s the right role for an investor to play with their portfolio? Should he or she be the biggest cheerleader, the toughest critic, or just have the deepest pockets? As someone who is still […]

  4. Pando’s 24 hour “Don’t Be Awful” event just started in SF. We’ll be here for 24 hours with an amazing lineup of speakers joining a conversation about how to make a better Silicon Valley. The livestream is below, or you can see the full agenda here. If you’d like to join the conversation live, we’re @pandodaily on Twitter or email dontbeawful@pandodaily.com. Wish us luck! […]

  5. A few days ago, the Internet giants finally joined Hollywood’s elite when Transparent became the first show distributed solely by a tech company — in this case, Amazon — to win Best Series at a major award show — in this case, the Golden Globes. It was a triumph not just for Amazon, and not just for the larger community of disruptive newcomers to television, which includes Netflix and Hulu. It was, quite […]

  6. Quiz: CES gadget or SkyMall product?
    Posted By David Holmes on 01/23/2015

    SkyMall, the catalog featuring hilariously unnecessary products like a human slingshot and $100 USB cufflinks, has filed for bankruptcy. Poring through the SkyMall catalog was a cherished event for air travelers, at least for those ten or fifteen minutes during takeoff and landing when some flight attendants still give fliers grief for using electronic devices. The reasons for the liquidationm however, are not necessarily related to the ridiculousness […]

  7. Revel Sale to Proceed – Straub to Close by Feb 7
    Posted By James Guill on 01/23/2015

    The Revel casino saga continues this week as a judge has now ruled that the sale of the property to Florida real estate tycoon Glen Straub can proceed without interruption. On Wednesday, Chief United...

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  8. I couldn’t be more excited at how this year’s Pandoland conference is shaping up. We just put more tickets on sale, at the early bird price of $699 for the full three day event, June 15th-17th 2015. The venue is the same as last year: Marathon Music Works in Nashville, Tennessee. (And, yes, that photo above really is of the audience from last year’s event, taken during one of the nighttime […]

  9. AB 167 Introduced - Bad Actor Clause Dropped and Horse Tracks AddedReggie Jones-Sawyer, a proponent of CA Online Gaming legalization, made an appealing addition to the argument by proposing a new unique iGaming bill.

  10. Wikipedia’s arbitration committee, which acts as the organization’s top decision-maker, has banned several people from editing articles related to gender and sexuality. Why? Because they sought to prevent the site from taking a positive stance on GamerGate. For anyone who has managed to forget what GamerGate is: it’s a movement that claims to be about ethics in games journalism, though many of its adherents are more devoted to harassing women who make, critique, or have […]

  11. Obama said to scrap plans to privatize NSA-collected metadata
    Posted By Nathaniel Mott on 01/23/2015

    President Obama has reportedly scrapped plans to have a private company hold the phone metadata collected through National Security Agency surveillance programs. Reuters says in a report citing several anonymous security professionals that the plan was abandoned because it’s seen as “unworkable for both legal and practical reasons.” A source told Reuters that the decision is not final, but privatizing the data seems unlikely. The plan was first proposed after the government faced widespread criticism […]

  12. A quick reminder that Don’t Be Awful — our 24-hour event to hatch ideas for a better Silicon Valley — starts at noon tomorrow in San Francisco, and live online at dontbeawful.com. Confirmed participants include Jose Antonio Vargas, Rachel Sklar, Tim O’Reilly, David Hornik, Paul Judge, Brad Feld, and many, many more. We’re still adding names to the list, so check out the official site for […]

  13. It seems to be a right of passage for affiliate marketers each day. You become successful in the industry and immediately you start traveling (Bangkok or Chiang Mai most likely). That was my initial goal. I didn’t dream about making a millions of dollars when I first started. My biggest influence was The Four Hour Work […]

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  14. Launch Tennessee: This is why startups hate working with politicians
    Posted By Sarah Lacy and Paul Carr on 01/23/2015

    A quick update from Pando’s department of public fights we really don’t have time for… Pando historians will remember that, last year, our flagship Nashville conference (then called “Southland”) was produced in partnership with “Launch Tennessee,” the state-funded regional development agency tasked with encouraging entrepreneurship in Tennessee. We were responsible for the on-stage content and guests, and brought in the vast majority […]

  15. Numerous senators from around the country have (re-)presented a bill which would require law enforcement to obtain warrants before gathering location information from phones, GPS devices, and the “stingrays” which mimic cell towers to gather data. The bill was co-written by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR.), who has previously argued against the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs and the FBI’s efforts to force tech companies to include “backdoors” into their products to […]

  16. Apple is said to have given the Chinese government access to the software used in its iPhones to conduct “security checks” meant to ensure the privacy of China’s citizens. The revelation comes courtesy of a tweet from one of China’s state-run publications and a Beijing News report claiming Apple chief executive Tim Cook authorized the checks. China’s government originally delayed the launch of Apple’s latest iPhones within the country because it […]

  17. After more than a year of fits and stops along the road to IPO, shares of enterprise storage company Box began trading this morning on the New York Stock Exchange. The company completed the sale 12.5 million shares to investors at a price of $14 per share yesterday, exceeding its pre-IPO estimated range of $11 to $13, but falling short of the $20 per share at which it raised […]

  18. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: the Winklevoss twins have a brilliant idea and they’ve hired some smart-as-hell programmers to help build it for them. The good news is, this latest idea is about as far from the college social network Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss famously “invented” while at Harvard. That said, it stands a good chance of being just about as […]

  19. Barrett Brown and the United States’ war on journalism
    Posted By Nathaniel Mott on 01/23/2015

    The criminalization of journalism in the United States continued yesterday with the sentencing of Barrett Brown, an independent journalist who covered the Anonymous collective who received 63 months in federal prison and was ordered to pay $890,000 in restitution. (The 28 months he has already served in prison will be deducted from the sentence.) Brown was arrested for publishing links to stolen information which was made public by Anonymous and other hacker groups. That’s […]

  20. You probably wouldn’t hear Pepsi overtly tell customers to stop drinking Coca-Cola. They might make veiled attacks on a non-specific “competitor” in an advertisement. But without empirical evidence for why Pepsi is better than Coke, mentioning Coke by name would not only risk drawing undue attention to a product that is already more popular than Pepsi — it would also come off as a little desperate. And yet, according to Mashable, that’s […]

  21. According to Gawker, its offices along with at least two other New York media companies are under special protection of the New York Police Department, after all three outlets republished Charlie Hebdo covers depicting Muhammed. On January 7, the Paris magazine Charlie Hebdo came under attack by gunmen who killed 12 people, presumably in response to controversial cartoons it published depicting the Islamic prophet Muhammed. Some Islamic teachings explicitly forbid pictorial representations of Muhammed. Furthermore, Charlie Hebdo’s […]

  22. A week can’t pass without a company revealing that information about millions of consumers’ credit cards, email addresses, and other personal data has been stolen. Some data breaches are more high-profile than others — Target’s and Home Depot’s hackings come to mind — but new thefts are being disclosed on a near-constant basis. Large companies aren’t the only ones vulnerable to attack, either. A report from the Guardian, citing the […]

  23. Recapping the Party / Borgata GSSS II So Far
    Posted By Robert DellaFave on 01/22/2015

    On January 11, NJ’s premier online gaming partnership of the Borgata and PartyPoker kicked off its second $1,000,000 guaranteed tournament series (GSSS II) since introducing its brand of online poker to the Garden State some 14 months...

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  24. Two of the biggest forces in modern payments collided today as Braintree announced broad availability of its bitcoin payments product via a previously announced partnership with Coinbase.  The integration was initially announced in September, with subsequent news from PayPal that limited use by its merchants to digital goods transactions like media, software, and in-app purchases. Today’s update means that, effective immediately, “any merchant that uses Braintree for […]

  25. Authorities often struggle when it comes to handling digital issues. Responding to the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack has befuddled the federal government, law enforcement can’t deal with online harassment, and prosecutors often over-react to digital mischief. But the State of Illinois is determined to outdo all of them when it comes to foolish responses to online harassment. Schools in the state have warned parents that children who bully others on […]

  26. Video Marketing Trends 2015 [Infographic]
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 01/21/2015

    Unless you are hiding in the closet (digitally or otherwise), you are aware of the growing importance of having some kind of video presence linked to your brand.   Syndacast put out an infographic that points out some very compelling reasons for either starting or continuing to engage your customers via this particular media channel. Have [...]

  27. domainsblogpostimageGoogle Domains has exited the beta testing phase. This past summer the web empire unveiled it’s brand new service to fill a long time voice in the company’s product lineup. Of course they are up against seemingly strong competitors such as NameCheap and GoDaddy, the later of which filed for a $100 million IPO just [...]

  28. Engage Your Customers Like It’s Christmas (All Year Long!)
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 01/21/2015

    engage-customers-social-mediaIn today’s technology hungry age, we are flooded with social media from all most all corners of our everyday life. The benefits of this is of course businesses have the ability to hear from their customers almost constantly. This of course equates into an opportunity for a business to continuously engage with it’s customers in [...]

  29. Promoting TigerGaming Through PAS
    Posted By Heather Schmidt on 01/20/2015

    Incoming…another $100 CPA offer for PAS Publishers to promote! Running on the Chico Poker Network, TigerGaming Poker has been around for over 15 years and has built a trustworthy name in the industry. Promote the 100% up to $2,500 to players from most countries except Turkey, South Africa and the United States. The offer does particularly... Read more »

  30. Promoting BetOnline Through PAS
    Posted By Heather Schmidt on 01/16/2015

    PAS Publishers now have the opportunity to promote BetOnline Poker and earn $100 for every player depositing $50 or more. The target audience for this brand is vast and even includes the United States! In business since 1991, the poker room operates on the Chico Poker Network. Publishers will be able to promote the generous 200% up... Read more »

  31. Gatto Announces Amendments to AB9 - Live Registration Now an "Option"Along with adding a safe transaction and new account feature for Cali iGamers, the new amendment ensures legality for all who experience iGaming firsthand.

  32. New Jersey iGaming Grows 18 Percent in December
    Posted By James Guill on 01/16/2015

    For certain iGaming websites, numbers ended up at over an 18 percent jump month over month. The question is do they have the potential to keep numbers up.

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  33. Nevada Legislature Introduces Bill to Expand Gaming Options
    Posted By Steve Ruddock on 01/13/2015

    Nevada Legislature Introduces Bill to Expand Gaming OptionsThe newly filed Nevada online gambling bill calls for the NGC to keep in mind new technologies for making regulations. Social gaming will be more prominent.

  34. Original Revel Bidder Now Reluctant to Buy the Property
    Posted By Steve Ruddock on 01/13/2015

    Glenn Straub, the winning bidder for the Revel Casino, now is getting cold feet and wants to back out of his bid leading everyone to question the future.

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  35. 8 Ingredients of a Banging Email Marketing Campaign
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 01/13/2015

    It’s New Year de-clutter time at the Cush household.  I’ve been going through old bookmarks, documents, and yes even written notes in an effort to de-clutter my work life.  In doing so, I ran across this article posted back in September 2014 on Entrepreneur.com.  The article is a glory list of 8 ingredients that will [...]

  36. Have you finished your sales and marketing plan for 2015?  Well don’t set anything in stone yet before you read the findings from a study conducted by Implisit.com. The folks at Implisit analyzed the conversion rates of hundreds of companies in order to break down the specific channels that offered the best B2B conversions.  The [...]

  37. 6 Hacks That Are a Must for Solopreneurs
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 01/13/2015

    Dont-Be-Afraid-to-go-against-the-crowsYou are living the American dream, or so it seems.  However, even with all the advantages that come with being a solopreneur the fact still remains that you are a one person company most likely doing the work of five or more. There is no one to remind you of appointments, personally answer your calls, [...]

  38. WSOP.com and 888 Poker announced that they will begin sharing player pools in New Jersey, also adding new tournaments to maximize the player experience.

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  39. Here’s a 15 minute audio on the top misconceptions about Super Affiliates. I wanted to give you a behind the scenes look on what life’s like as a super affiliate. How much money do we make? Are all of our campaigns successful? I feel understanding what life as a super affiliate is really like will help […]

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  40. Daniel Colman Sweeps POY Awards, But Did he Deserve it?
    Posted By Steve Ruddock on 01/12/2015

    All credit is due to the Poker Player of the Year, Daniel Coleman, or is it? Despite winning over $22 million, he predominantly participated in high rollers.

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  41. New Jersey Exploring International and Interstate Compacts
    Posted By Steve Ruddock on 01/09/2015

    New Jersey wants to expand iGaming, but now instead of only interstate compacts they may begin looking at international compacts with the UK and others.

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  42. PokerStars Rolls Back Changes to Rake Schedule
    Posted By Robert DellaFave on 01/08/2015

    PokerStars Rolls Back Changes to Rake SchedulePokerStars had a change of heart with their changed rake schedule that was released in October and will reverse most of those changes, appealing to fans.

  43. David Rebuck, head of the New Jersey DGE, recently released a statement regarding the first year of legalized iGaming and showing a possible future path.

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  44. The New Jersey iGaming traffic was increased to it's 8 month high but not by one of the more popular poker rooms, but by normal low level 888 Poker NJ.

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  45. The Affiliate Summit West Party List 2015
    Posted By admin on 01/07/2015

    Affiliate Summit West 2015 is coming up soon! Every veteran knows that the real networking and fun happens at night. I’ve put together a list of parties that I’m aware of. I know some of the networks have tables at the hottest clubs each night so ask your affiliate manager about those. Recommended Clubs: XS, Marquee, […]

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