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  1. Email? Social? You know what they say about putting all your eggs in one basket, that’s my feeling on deciding to use only ONE marketing avenue to boost your presence in any given niche. To unleash the full potential to any marketing strategy, it is my belief that these two channels can live together as […]

  2. Bitcoin Not Considered Currency, As Ruled by Judge
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 07/26/2016

    justice-law-e1469478965240On Monday a court in Miami, Florida threw out criminal charges against a man accused of illegally selling Bitcoin. The judge stated the virtual currency cannot be classified as money. The defendant, Michell Espinoza from Miami Beach, was charged with illegally selling and laundering $1,500 worth of the virtual currency in a deal with customers […]

  3. 3 Video Platforms to Boost Your Livestreaming Game
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 07/26/2016

    Live-Stream-Worship1These days it’s down right impossible to turn a blind eye at just how powerful video (especially livestreaming) is to your business. Or can be if harnessed correctly. Livestreaming apps seem to be taking over social media conversations. With new avenues such as Periscope, Blab, and Facebook Live Video it should be awfully tempting to […]

  4. 8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Cashflow
    Posted By Charles Ngo on 07/25/2016

    “Money is my military, each dollar a soldier. I never send my money into battle unprepared and undefended. I send it to conquer and take currency prisoner and bring it back to me. ” Kevin Oleary “No money, no honey” – T-shirts in Bangkok I thought I was on top of the world when I […]

  5. How to Form a Mastermind That Doesn’t Suck
    Posted By Charles Ngo on 07/21/2016

      It’s getting harder and harder to have competitive advantages in affiliate marketing. Your landing pages show up on spy tools. Your “hot offer” isn’t so exclusive if your manager’s telling everyone about it. But one of the biggest sustainable competitive advantages you can have is how fast you learn. And it doesn’t matter how smart you […]

  6. I thought I knew a lot about marketing when I first joined this industry. I graduated with a marketing degree from Georgia Tech, and I read over 15+ books on copywriting. My competitor’s ads? They were SO boring. So UGLY. I’m a creative guy and I was so sure my ads would outperform everyone else’s. […]

  7. How many of you either laughed at Facebook when it first hit the scene, thinking it to be no more than another pretty face for what MySpace already was. Come on! Way back then, we all just used Facebook to look up old high school buddies or even flames in the hopes of reliving what […]

  8. Should Your Business Have an Instagram Prescense?
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 07/12/2016

    With over 400 million active users to date, businesses are quickly starting to take a closer look at having a presence on Instagram.  As with any social networking platform you must first do your due diligence to see if the booming platform would be a good fit for your brand.  Of course you will then […]

  9. Small Businesses are Catching Some Ups from Pokémon Go
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 07/12/2016

    pok goIf you haven’t heard the words Pokemon Go in the last week, then you have likely been living under a rock.  Nintendo’s surprise hit mobile app seems to be what everyone is talking about at one point or another.   The location based game, which came out last Thursday, uses augmented reality to place Pokemon […]

  10. Inside the Mind of Tuan Vy
    Posted By Charles Ngo on 07/07/2016

    I wanna introduce you guys to one of my friends Tuan Vy. I met him around 2.5 years ago but we hit it off quick and became really good friends (Probably because we’re the only two Vietnamese guys doing it big online) I pulled him aside in San Diego and we did a massive 45 […]

  11. Inside the Mind of Malan Darras
    Posted By Charles Ngo on 07/01/2016

    I wanna introduce you to a friend of mine. I’ve known him for over 8 years, and he’s one of the few people crazy enough to keep up with an affiliate marketing blog. His name’s Malan Darras. If I had to describe him in three phrases it’d be: minimalist, creative, and 1-man army. He’s been […]

  12. Intro-img-1The digital marketing world is heavily dependent on good, search engine optimized content today. Whether it is blogs, explainer videos, images, or infographics, good original content is the basis of all forms of marketing online. One such marketing method which can prove very fruitful for your business, is eBook marketing. An eBook is nothing but […]

  13. Improved Share and Save Options Coming To Facebook
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 06/28/2016

    Facebook introduced today several improved ways for developers of applications and more traditional websites to enable their users to share and save to the social networking platform. In a blog post Facebook announced that it has released Save to Facebook and Share to Facebook buttons for Google Chrome. This is a redesign of it’s social plugin […]

  14. Out of all the questions that I get regarding the content of this site, “What blog platform are you using?” is probably the number one sought after answer. To this my answer is always the same: “Before you go searching for the best looking WordPress theme, take a few minutes to consider how a theme […]

  15. Are you and your business ready for a doomsday scenario?
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 06/28/2016

    Legacy-5With all this talk of of the EU and Britain’s divorce, it got me thinking: What would you do if our current currency was to fall? Will you be able to avoid the mess that most people will be in when the dollar fails?  I’m not just talking about the inevitable depression and unemployment shock […]

  16. Announcing: Ngo + Mpire Network Party at AWE in Berlin
    Posted By Charles Ngo on 06/27/2016

    I am pumped for this! If you are going to Affiliate World Europe in July, come and say hi before the event. I’ve partnered up with Mpire to throw a special party to kickstart the AWE conference. I wanted to throw this event because: 1. It’s a chance for me and you to meet. I’m […]

  17. How to Launch an Affiliate Marketing Campaign
    Posted By Charles Ngo on 06/22/2016

      I know that launching affiliate marketing campaigns can be overwhelming at times.  There are so many moving parts that you end up in a state of analysis paralysis than launching campaigns (because you’re scared of making mistakes. Information overload is a real killer in this industry, and I’ve always done my best to simplify […]

  18. When it comes to being ranked at the top of Google, hell even on page one, advertisers are willing to shell out the big bucks to get that first click. In this “One Hundred Most Expensive Keywords on Google” infographic, provided WebpageFX and put together through data from SEMRush, we get to take an insider’s […]

  19. Twitter Refuses to Give Up – Invests $70M in SoundCloud
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 06/14/2016

    twitter_soundcloudDespite numerous roll outs of new features and tweaks to it’s service, Twitter’s share price has continued to slip down to an all-time low over the past year.  So journalist and business analysts all around are considering it’s latest $70 million investment in the audio file-sharing service SoundCloud as another Hail Mary. It’s reported that […]

  20. ID:40746532As email marketers we are constantly striving to make our outbound campaigns even more personalized than before.  To do this some of us have taken up the art of geotargeting so that we can now provide our subscribers with content that is relevant to their location. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again […]

  21. Event: Affiliate World Europe 2016 Location: Berlin, Germany Dates: 18-19 July 2016 Venue: Berlin Congress Center, Alexanderstrass, 10179, Berlin Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/913980658670249/ Tickets: https://affiliateworldconferences.com/europe/tickets If you wanna hang with super affiliates, learn cutting-edge strategies, and build a world-class network, you HAVE to attend Affiliate World Europe 2016. The guys behind the STM forum run this […]

  22. Here’s my day at the A4D conference
    Posted By Charles Ngo on 06/10/2016

    Last weekend I flew to San Diego for the A4D.com event. Every year they host a one-day event. I was hesitant on going because it’s such a long flight from Miami to San Diego for a one day event. But I haven’t done a conference since ASW and felt like I’m due for one. At […]

  23. I read a post by my friend Malan D. recently where he argued you don’t really need a team for affiliate marketing (Read it here). He has some great arguments. I was a 1-many army when I first started, but now I’ve gone to the other side and built multiple teams. I wanna take a second […]

  24. We have set up two exclusive VIP Player packages to the PartyPoker Battle Of Malta Tournament Running November 2nd – November 7th ( Wednesday to Monday). The VIP Player packages include: 5 nights at the 5-Star Hilton Hotel (amazing breakfast buffet included), on a single occupancy basis. €550 Main Event buy-in with over €700,000 estimated prize pool Tickets to... Read more »

  25.   During the Month of June partypoker will be giving away 25 $109 Buy-In Tickets to the UpperCut $50,000 GTD Pull off an Uppercut for some Major Rewards: Running Monday to Saturday at 20:00 CET, The Uppercut is one of the best in the business, sporting huge prize pools for just a $109 buy-in. One... Read more »

  26. Affiliate Marketing For Dummies [Infographic]
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 05/31/2016

    affiliate-marketing-101You don’t need me to tell you that the affiliate marketing industry is the place to be if you would like to be in a 4 billion dollar industry. In order to get a piece of that pie, you will first need to learn just what affiliate marketing is, how it works, how to get […]

  27. Smart Messaging Will Triple Your App Retention
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 05/31/2016

    According to Kahuna’s 2016 Q1 Mobile Marketing Index report brands can increase 90 day retention rates 3 times with smart messaging.  That’s great news, since retention is more profitable than an acquisition. Not only does smart messaging increase retention, but the personal and timely communication will help to decrease uninstall rates and increase retention rates […]

  28. photodune videomarketingIf you know anything about quality content, then you are fully aware that the majority involves anything and everything multimedia.  Short videos are interactive and engaging, plus they can deliver your message fast and easily.   As a small business owner, you are most likely limited on resources and time. Good news is that video […]

  29. The Ultimate Guide To Using Emojis In Email Marketing
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 05/17/2016

    A goofy looking smiley face. An airplane. A star. Even a rocketship or cute looking cat with hearts for eyes. No, I’ve not gone mad, I’m talking about the likelihood that you have probably seen one or more of these as part of email subject lines in your inbox. While emojis are fairly new, symbols […]

  30. Tweetdeck-Logo-e1416424850708Holy Cow Batman! Twitter Inc just made a big announcement that will probably be a game changer for some people out in Twitter land. The social media has said they will soon stop counting photos and links as part of its 140 character limit for messages. The change is said to happen over the next […]

  31. What Can Entrepreneurs Learn From Millennial Buying Habits?
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 05/17/2016

    millennial-generation-workplace-casual-620px-620x412It is generally an accepted belief that Millennials live their lives on the internet.  We have all witnessed the familiar behavior – hunched over their iPhones, iPads, Droids, etc. It might be assumed that they even do most of their shopping via mobile apps.   New data, however, suggests that the buying habits of the […]

  32. Viva Las Vegas Prizes This May
    Posted By Heather Brama on 05/04/2016

    Bet365’s Spring Missions are turning up the heat this month with four €5,000 Trips to Las Vegas included in the mix! The trips are just the beginning of what bet365 has to offer in their prize pool worth over €100,000. The Spring Missions are running now through May 29th at 19:44 GMT. Each week daily... Read more »

  33. How to Create Blog Posts Influencers Love [Infographic]
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 05/03/2016

    This has been said many times before:  You could create the greatest, most riveting of all content in the world, but what is the point if no one sees it? It’s a proven fact that 41.67% of bloggers measure their site’s success and influence by how many social media shares it receives. With this knowledge at […]

  34. Adblock Plus Pushing to Have You Pay to Use the Internet
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 05/03/2016

    Adblock Plus, one of the most popular ad blocking services, is now openly being referred to as the Scrooge of the internet by more than just publishers and advertisers. The company is now teaming up with Swedish microdonation startup Flattr to try and help more of us online “workers” get paid for our work. The idea […]

  35. Ways Your Business Can Save On Credit Card Processing Fees
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 05/03/2016

    Vector illustration of e-commerce flat design concept.Let’s face it, unless you are completely entrenched in the world of Affiliate Marketing and only push commissioned product, your business probably accepts credit card payments in one for or another.  And like with most services, this too comes with a fee.  Typical merchant account companies can charge up to a 5% hefty fee on […]

  36. Use of a Competitor’s Trademark in a Domain Name
    Posted By Richard Newman on 04/25/2016

    cybersquattingCybersquatting is closely related to trademark infringement and trademark dilution.  A person engages in cybersquatting when he/she registers, uses or sells an Internet domain name with the intent to profit from it either by ransoming the domain name back to the trademark owner or by using the domain name to divert business from the trademark […]

  37. Do you follow politics?  Are you a strong Left or Right?  Either way, I’m certain that you haven’t been able to get through this election year without picking up on other people’s personal opinions regarding the candidates and/or issues at hand. This brings to mind that SEO can be a whole lot like a presidential […]

  38. tax-refund12Tax season isn’t just about the dreaded process of filing your business taxes, but it’s also a opportunity to boost your sales.  By using tax time promotions, offers and tie-ins you can add some dollars to your bottom line. Here are a few ideas that you might want to implement while this tax season is […]

  39. 5 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Outbound Emails
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 04/19/2016

    1200x400Email, even to this day, continues to be our primary means of communicating with our audience. Because of this, it is more important than ever to make certain your brand is reflected in every email that is sent. Unfortunately, we (marketers as a whole) seem to be getting worse rather than better when it comes […]

  40. How to Create Content that Converts [Infographic]
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 04/05/2016

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Content is key! If you want to be someone in this business, you need to learn the in’s and out’s of creating not only good, but great content.  Either to promote yourself, your own personal product, or your clients.  Content marketing has seemingly become one of […]

  41. 5 Hard Truths of Social Media Marketing
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 04/05/2016

    Hand writing Social Media Marketing with white chalk on blackboard.As an experienced internet marketer, you already know the importance of social media.  However, even some of the most experienced online marketers are only human and therefore make mistakes via social media now and then. That’s why even though we have covered some of these simple do’s and don’ts in the past, I thought it […]

  42. Avoid These Common 3 Business Tax Mistakes
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 04/05/2016

    Horizontal photo of mature man relaxing, head position on tax forms, while working on his taxes with calculator with other office equipment in backgroundUgh.  Yup, it’s that time of year again.  Tax time! No one, not even small businesses, want to pay more taxes than they have to.  Smart taxpayers prep themselves with valuable knowledge so that they can cut their tax bill down as low as it will go.  They think about their taxes not only when […]

  43. California Online Poker: Can Legalization Happen In 2016?
    Posted By Dustin Gouker on 03/24/2016

    California will take another stab at legalizing and regulating online poker this year, in what might be the best opportunity in recent years.

    The post California Online Poker: Can Legalization Happen In 2016? appeared first on Play CA.

  44. SEO is an integral part of any digital marketing effort (or should be).  That being said, any online marketer knows that we must always be ready to adjust our perspective with the constantly changing world of internet & SEO. Often marketers have a slight sense of trepidation when going against Google, but most of the […]

  45. The 15 Best Podcasts for Business Owners
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 03/22/2016

    CommutersIn the current day, when you barely have time to swipe a cup of coffee from your Keurig, Podcasts have become a pivotal tool for the busy entrepreneur. They are both quick and easy to digest, especially for those with longer commutes.  And best yet? They cover a whole gambit of topics. Inc.com has put […]