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  1. The 7 Stages of Being an Affiliate Marketer
    Posted By admin on 07/02/2015

    I’ve helped many affiliates go from super newbies to super affiliates. I’ve noticed everyone tends to go through the same path. I’m going to break down all the stages in the super affiliate journey. The benefit is you can identify where you’re at on the spectrum, and see what the main challenges are at each level. […]

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  2. Spin to Win $1 Million With PalaCasino.com
    Posted By James Guill on 07/02/2015

    Pala Casino is so thankful for their customers loyalty, they are giving away $1 million. You can spin daily at PalaCasino.com for a chance to win big!

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  3. Let the Pokerfest Begin
    Posted By Heather Brama on 06/30/2015

    Starting July 1st, 2015, partypoker will be raining down promotions, events, and more with Pokerfest! This online and live event consists of 90 massive events that will shell out $3 MILLION in guarantees over the next few months leading up to the Dusk Til Dawn tournament in Nottingham. Pokerfest Online includes 80 online events that have... Read more »

  4. There's both positive and negative news coming out of AC. Straub must allow tenants access to Revel leased space, but Trump Plaza may not open until 2025.

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  5. Barton Files Internet Poker Freedom Act of 2015
    Posted By James Guill on 06/29/2015

    Congressman Joe Barton recently filed "The Internet Poker Freedom Act of 2015" as his third attempt to get online gambling regulated in the United States.

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  6. RAWA Reintroduced into US Senate
    Posted By James Guill on 06/27/2015

    Senator Lindsey Graham reintroduced the Restoration of America's Wire Act (RAWA) and is hoping for backing, but a lottery carveout may prevent that.

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  7. The Pechanga have finally offered a compromise for the horse racing industry and it is a big step forward.The Pechanga Coalition, who have been known not to budge on horse racing, offered up a few compromises that they would be okay with which is a big step.

  8. Spin to Win $10,000 Free at PalaCasino.com
    Posted By James Guill on 06/26/2015

    If you want great welcome bonuses, a wide variety of games, and a chance to win $1 million head over to PalaCasino.com and begin playing!

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  9. The Expected Profits of Each Campaign You Launch
    Posted By admin on 06/26/2015

    A blog reader wrote to me last week “Charles, what percentage of campaigns do newbies fail and what percentage do super affiliates fail?” The question is solid, but lets take it to the next level. What if we combined the failure rate with the expected value of each campaign? Before you continue reading, you should understand […]

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  10. Promoting BurnTurn Poker Through PAS.Net
    Posted By Heather Brama on 06/23/2015

    Currently in beta, BurnTurn Poker is scheduled for its full launch on June 25th 2015. Request your links NOW and promote opening day! The room abides by three main principles: Security, Anonymity and an Open Source platform. These principles drive the main differentiator of this room – it is 100% Bitcoin operated and requires no... Read more »

  11. In less than 24 hours, Apple went from the undesirable position of being an enemy to Taylor Swift, to becoming once again the music industry’s best friend — at least when compared to the other largely-hated streaming platforms. In case you have better things to do on a Sunday than watch music industry squabbles play out on social networks (I don’t), here’s what happened: Apple had announced it would offer a free three month trial […]

  12. Twitter ramps up commerce efforts with new ‘collections’
    Posted By Nathaniel Mott on 06/22/2015

    Twitter’s focus on becoming a commerce platform continues with a feature that allows celebrities, retailers, and others to create pages of items people can buy. The company has partnered with William Shatner, Target, and the Wirecutter among others to debut the new feature. Collections are available on Twitter’s website and its mobile applications, and are linked to their creators’ profiles. Twitter is positioning the feature as a tool through which […]

  13. Uber has changed its legal policy to stop drivers and passengers from bringing firearms onto any “ride arranged through the Uber platform.” The New Republic draws a connection between Uber’s new policy and an incident earlier this year which saw an driver in Chicago fire his gun — for which he had a concealed carry permit — at someone else shooting into a crowd. I’m […]

  14. On Wednesday, this year’s Pandoland concluded in Nashville in dramatic fashion when the winner of the startup competition, Umano, had to negotiate the terms of its $100,000 award with the panel of venture capitalists that had selected it from the nine other very worthy finalists. The fireworks began when the Jonathan and Alex Torrey, the brothers who founded the designer t-shirt company, gave their first “ask” for the $100K to be […]

  15. PokerStars fighting back against Viejas in order to try and gain support for their cause.The PokerStars team started the website called "Californians for Responsible iPoker" in order to try and gain support for their iGaming cause.

  16. Pennsylvania is slated to be the next state to regulate iPoker according to some officials but they still have a lot of work to do before that happens.

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  17. If you’ve spent much time walking in the neighborhoods of San Francisco for the past few years, you may recognize Juvey, the friendly foot. The mascot currently adorns the 13 storefronts operated by RelaxFeet, a local, affordable chain of massage parlors. “From the outside, you know, people want to know if this is a legit massage place or not. I think we still have a way […]

  18. The Silicon Valley corporate practice of shipping outlying employees to-and-from HQ in giant private shuttles erupted in conflict early last year with a spate of well-documented bus blockades. The fuss was seemingly tamped down by a Mayor-approved pilot project charging the offending companies for use of public bus-stops and monitoring their operations and impacts. This program ends January 31, 2016, at which point a permanent arrangement will be considered, utilizing data gathered over the 18-month […]

  19. Having spent the last week reporting from Bonnaroo and helping to put on the tech conference-cum-whiskey party Pandoland in Nashville, you’ll have to forgive me for filing my review of Silicon Valley‘s Season 2 finale five whole days after it aired. Not that the broader sphere of cultural criticism was in some dire need of another blogger’s recap of a television show. But the season’s tenth and final episode, “Two Days of the […]

  20. It didn’t get much attention, but eBay just quietly unloaded its 28.4 percent stake in Craigslist, putting to rest one of the most sordid episodes in Silicon Valley, in which eBay executives — including First Look Media publisher Pierre Omidyar and HP chief Meg Whitman — were directly implicated in corporate spying, stealing secrets, and exploiting Craigslist’s anti-capitalist idealism. Terms of eBay’s “sale” of its stake back to Craigslist are confidential — […]

  21. Background I’ve just finished a Workshop here in NYC. And after a few days of networking, I’m here to drop some more Ngo Bombs in another Q&A Session for you guys. Topics Covered  Systemized thinking for launching and optimizing campaigns  Networking and masterminding  When to give up on a campaign  The lifecycle […]

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  22. Pao to pay KPCB $275k in fees, way cleared for appeal
    Posted By Dan Raile on 06/19/2015

    June began with news that Ellen Pao had filed to appeal the ruling in her gender discrimination case against Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers. Yet further information as to the scope and specifics of that appeal has neither been filed with the court or discussed in public. Weeks earlier, the venerable VC firm had offered to drop its motion to recover nearly $1 million in court costs should Pao waive her right to […]

  23. Pandoland’s digital swear jar: The results are in!
    Posted By Sarah Lacy on 06/19/2015

    Let’s face it: The Pando team– and many of our guests– just aren’t going to stop swearing on stage. So at this year’s Pandoland, which just wrapped up in Nashville, we decided to monetize all that profanity with a digital swear jar and leaderboard. The cost was $10 a swear, with all proceeds going to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. St Jude’s is a cause very dear to my heart. […]

  24. Andy Palmer, the chief executive and co-founder of Boston-based big data for business intelligence company Tamr, was on a “celebratory” tour of California when I spoke with him earlier this week. However, he wasn’t there on a victory lap for Tamr’s recent $25.2 million Series B funding round announced this morning. He was in San Francisco with MIT researcher and database pioneer Michael Stonebraker, Ph.D., who […]

  25. Is Alibaba investing its way into a muddle?
    Posted By Kevin Kelleher on 06/18/2015

    What exactly is Alibaba becoming? The company’s unique business model, meteoric rise and dominance of China’s e-commerce (not to mention its opaque structure) have always belied easy analogies like “the Amazon of China.” Amazon disrupted a traditional commercial infrastructure with its site. Alibaba built a commercial infrastructure where one had never really existed. If the business model that gave Alibaba a $215 billion market cap has been tricky for […]

  26. Nest absorbs Dropcam, releases its own home security camera
    Posted By Nathaniel Mott on 06/18/2015

    Nest has completed its assimilation of Dropcam. The company most-known for its smart thermostat announced today that it has made an Internet-connected home camera dubbed, fittingly enough, Nest Cam. It’s basically the Dropcam Pro with a few updates and a slightly different name. Nest Cam doesn’t come as a surprise. Google acquired Dropcam shortly after it acquired Nest, and earlier this year, Dropcam users were required to abandon the old subscription […]

  27. IdeaPaint, the whiteboard paint company, has always had a close relationship to the startup and technology world. Many of its first clients were Internet companies looking to turn every single space in their offices into a brainstorming or ideation canvas. Today, the company is launching its own mobile app, called Bounce, to make anything written on its whiteboard walls recordable and shareable for companies to […]

  28. Pandoland 2015 startup battle has a winner!
    Posted By Dan Raile on 06/17/2015

    The Pandoland 2015 Startup competition has drawn to a close, and our lucky winner is… umano! The company makes T-shirts designed by disadvantaged kids and gives away free backpacks full of school supplies for every item sold. After being announced as winners, the two-man team from Athens, Georgia negotiated its term sheets live on stage with our hand-picked coterie of investor-judges. Since the judges were investing their own money, the negotiations had […]

  29. In recent years, journalist, filmmaker, and entrepreneur Jose Antonio Vargas has built a new extension on an already impressive career, with his personal immigration story and a keenness to have straightforward conversations about the issue as his basic materials. This morning that ongoing dialogue made a tour stop on stage at Pandoland in Nashville. Vargas updated Sarah Lacy on his work since their first on-stage interview in November and his appearance […]

  30. The War Nerd: A Glorious Victory, For Once!
    Posted By Gary Brecher on 06/17/2015

    You’ve probably heard by now that the Syrian Kurds have taken Tal Abyad, the key border town due north of Islamic State’s capital, Raqqa. It’s a huge loss for Islamic State, and a big boost for the Kurds. But it’s something more than that: a glorious victory. That’s not something I get to write very often. Most war stories are the dead opposite of glorious. You start out, as a […]

  31. Bradford Shellhammer, the CEO and co-founder of e-commerce design site Bezar, was the perfect speaker to kick off day two of Pandoland 2015. He was admittedly hungover and a bit-raspy voiced from an epic karaoke session in downtown Nashville last night as he discussed design and building his current startup with Pando’s Sarah Lacy. Almost as if they were discussing Voldemort, Shellhammer and Lacy occasionally alluded to his previous endeavor, Fab.com, […]

  32. Uber’s business model—skim profits off drivers, while avoiding the expenses that come with hiring drivers as employees—just suffered a major blow: the California labor commission has just ruled that Uber’s drivers are, in fact, employees, not contractors. Uber, which has seen its valuation soar to over $50 billion, can no longer claim that it is just a nifty little app that happens to pair up micro-entrepreneurial drivers and consumers, […]

    Posted By Nathaniel Mott on 06/17/2015

    Pandoland 2015’s second day is in full swing. The schedule, which includes a series of interviews with the likes of Jose Antonio Vargas and the conclusion to this year’s startup competition, can be found here. Images, quotes, and other miscellanies will also be posted there. Pando members can view a live stream of the day’s events here. We’ll also be posting stories here, tweeting from

  34. Caesars allowed five banned players to place bets online, but owned up to the mistake quickly and is doing their best to make sure it does not happen again.

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  35. Online Poker is Dead in 2015 According to Tribal Lobbyist
    Posted By James Guill on 06/16/2015

    The hope for an online poker bill to pass in California this year is basically none according to high up lobbyists.Even though some of the pro-online poker sponsors are holding onto hope, lobbyist Quintana says it is all but dead for 2015 and he seems correct.

  36. Amaya Inc. stock is now being offered on NASDAQ, a huge step for a company hoping to grow and expand into the United States iGaming market.

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  37. Carl Icahn, the owner of the Trump Taj Mahal, and the Local 54 of UNITEHERE exchanged attacking statements with the union saying Icahn wronged them.

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  38. Even though the Revel is empty, it is still making headlines. The chief engineer quit, Straub may be shopping the Revel, and the night club may reopen soon.

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  39. The NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement released a statement giving affiliates that have marketed for illegal US poker sites 150 to come into compliance.

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  40. Every affiliate reaches a breaking point where they have to go from a one man operation into a team. They know that they’re the bottleneck, and it’s hard to compete unless they grow. There’s one big problem though: how do you find employees and keep them loyal? I know the feeling well. It’s an uncomfortable process to […]

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  41. Viejas Releases Radio Ad Attacking PokerStars
    Posted By James Guill on 06/04/2015

    The Viejas Bank of Kumeyaay Indians released a radio ad attacking PokerStars and Amaya that will probably sway voters.The Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians released a radio ad attacking PokerStars. They gave valid points that could be taken out of proportion by voters.

  42. Promoting PalaCasino.Com Through PAS.net
    Posted By Heather Brama on 06/02/2015

    PAS.net brings Publishers more of what they’ve been requesting by offering a New Jersey Regulated Casino to promote! Target your New Jersey traffic today with the PalaCasino.com CPA offer available through PAS.net. Licensed and Regulated by the DGE for real money game play. Promote PalaCasino.com with a Welcome Package that includes an attractive $10 Free Sign Up Bonus. The package... Read more »

  43. Promoting Genting Casino Through PAS.net
    Posted By Heather Brama on 06/01/2015

    What better Casino is there to promote than one with over 50 years in the business? Genting Casino has built solid connections with the industry’s leading game providers and will always have a wide range of the most popular games to promote. Genting Casino is committed to offering one of a kind promotions and offers for... Read more »

  44. AB 431 is making progress by moving on in the legislative process, hopefully a good step for online poker.For some, seeing online gambling bill AB 431 move forward in the legislative process may seem like progress. There is still a lot of work to do on the bill.

  45. I am coming to Los Angeles next week! I know there are tons of Ngo readers in SoCal so I’m going to host a meet up.   I was originally going to do a coffee meet up, but my friends at Adsimilis offered their awesome office space for us to use (Mucho gracias Eleah!). I […]

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