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  1. “I’m not kicking you out, and believe me I could if that was my personality. I took a bunch of people off of the list this year… I’m not kicking you out.”Kara Swisher, 12 hours before I was kicked out of her Code conference I’m writing this final dispatch a couple of miles from the Terrenea Rancho Palos Verdes hotel, where the Kara Swisher and Walt […]

  2. Your chances of becoming a unicorn? Just over 1%
    Posted By David Holmes on 05/28/2015

    “A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion dollars.The Social Network is a pretty silly movie. But in addition to be being beautifully shot the film also captured — and probably helped create — the new obsession with starting not just a successful business, not just a wildly successful business, but a stupidly ridiculously successful business worth a billion dollars. Investors are kept up at night thinking about the billion […]

  3. This morning, Massachusetts Democratic senator and human Wall Street bullshit meter Elizabeth Warren stopped into Greentown Labs, a clean-tech hardware incubator space in Somerville — Boston’s version of Brooklyn. The senator, who has continually been forwarded as a potential threat to Hilary Clinton’s seemingly preordained Democratic Party presidential nomination, took a tour of the manufacturing, prototyping, and shared office space, meeting and greeting some of the startups that call the facility […]

  4. Seymour Hersh and the dangers of corporate muckraking
    Posted By Mark Ames on 05/28/2015

    “The Times wasn’t nearly as happy when we went after business wrongdoing as when we were kicking around some slob in government.” — Seymour Hersh In its original meaning, “muckraking journalism” was all about exposing the awful power that corporations, trusts, and monopolies exercised over people and the broader public interest. So why doesn’t Seymour Hersh, considered the premiere “muckraker” of the past few decades, turn his fearless muckraking guns on private corporate power? […]

  5. Uber has updated its mobile applications with new features meant to make it easier for deaf and hard-of-hearing drivers to communicate with passengers. In addition to making the driver’s phone light up when a passenger is available, the update will remove the ability for consumers to call their driver, and will instead encourage them to send a message with specific instructions. Riders will also be asked to name their destination via […]

  6. The last time you were in a new city and wanted to find dinner, what did you do? Walk to into the closest storefront with a blazing “PIZZA” sign on the window? Probably not. What you most likely did was reach into your pocket, pull out your phone, and then search for whatever you were hankering for on Yelp, Foursquare, or Urbanspoon. And then I bet you picked whichever place had the […]

  7. Jawbone is getting desperate. The maker of UP fitness trackers has filed a lawsuit alleging that several of its employees took sensitive information about the company’s “supply chain, gross margins, product lineup and market predictions” with them after they were recruited by rival FitBit. Jawbone names FitBit and five of its former employees in the lawsuit. It’s seeking an unspecified amount of damages in the suit and is also […]

  8. Revel Will Not Reopen This Summer
    Posted By James Guill on 05/28/2015

    For everyone that hoped Revel would reopen this summer, I am sorry to disappoint you. Glenn Straub and ACR are in a power struggle with no end in sight.

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  9. Facebook has acquired Surreal Vision for an undisclosed sum to bolster its Oculus division’s virtual reality technologies. Surreal Vision will join Oculus’ research department in Washington and will remain focused on computer vision. The Wall Street Journal speculates that the acquisition is part of Facebook’s efforts to position Oculus as more than a gaming tool. Instead, it will create a new experience for streaming videos, live events, and […]

  10. Today, Buzzfeed’s CEO Jonah Peretti announced plans to take his cat listicle mega-company public. The fact that he made this announcement at a conference hosted by a tech blog, which was yesterday acquired by a larger media company that may soon be acquired by a telecommunications firm, is no coincidence. The new media landscape is shaking out fast and the losers are getting absorbed while the big winners are […]

  11. “The companies I admire are the companies that pursue their own mission not the mission of their parent company. Build for the long term. Everything we’ve built would be undermined by being acquired.” — Airbnb’s Brian Chesky in conversation with Vox Media’s Kara Swisher on stage at the Code Conference It is decidedly more fun to attend tech conferences when you are not invited. I learned this yesterday when I spirited down from San Francisco to […]

  12. It’s hard to think of a more talked-about slideshow than Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report. The document is a nice way for tech journalists to learn more about their beats or to confirm hunches based on all the conversations they had throughout the year that is, without having to worry about “numbers” or “math” themselves. But it’s also a total bore. There are countless images that look like a nerd’s dream […]

  13. Based in the suburbs of Boston, Virgin Pulse has long been an odd little outpost of Richard Branson’s vast Virgin Group that includes everything from airlines to record labels to mobile phone networks to space tourism. Today, Virgin Pulse’s health and well-being platform built for corporate enterprises announced that it has received $92 million in new funding from Insight Venture Partners and, appropriately, its existing investor Virgin Group. The company’s products […]

  14. Kara Swisher has lost.
    Posted By Paul Carr on 05/27/2015

    It seems like a million years ago that Kara Swisher and Michael Arrington would spend their days taking shots at each other: Kara calling Mike “Yertle the Turtle” — a reference no one really understood — and complaining to any reporter who’d listen that he was unforgivably conflicted due to his investments in Internet giants Dogster and Seesmic. It seems even longer ago that I would sit in Mike’s […]

  15. Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity has decided that an Uber driver is eligible for unemployment because he was, despite Uber’s claim that drivers are independent contractors, previously employed by the ride-hailing startup. Much of the so-called sharing economy (which doesn’t really exist) is based on the idea that people who find work through a platform like Uber or TaskRabbit are independent contractors who shouldn’t be considered legitimate […]

  16.   Acquisitions. Acqui-hires. Intellectual property grabs. All are considerably better options for a struggling startup than the admission of failure — and often the scrutiny attached — when a company completely shuts down operations. If you’ve ever had chance to be around an entrepreneur in the the last days or months of a company’s existence, you will probably come to two realizations. One, almost everything she will tell you about the health of her company, […]

  17. It hasn’t been a good year for taxpayers. First there were the problems with TurboTax, which started with fraudulent claims and eventually led to phishing campaigns meant to steal information from people who thought they might have been affected by those fraudsters. Now there’s the news that the Social Security numbers, dates of birth, street addresses, and other information of 100,000 people were compromised […]

  18. It seems that the grazing in the magical rainbow pastures of Unicorn Valley is a bit too good these days. So good in fact, that none of the private companies with $1 billion valuations seems to want to leave anytime soon. And why would they with ample amounts of cash being thrown at companies doing “private IPOs“? The rich (private equity, mutual funds, and VCs with extra-large funds) are […]

  19. How to become an Affiliate Marketing Superhero [Infographic]
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 05/26/2015

    Get ResponseAffiliate marketing has soared to the top of the online business opportunities in the last few years.  The reasons are a-plenty.  It is cost effective, simple to learn, and the income can be pretty darned substantial. Of course I’m probably not telling you anything that you don’t already know.  However, I’m sure you landed here [...]

  20. SnapchatAccording to a recent interview with Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, Snapchat users watch more than 2 billion videos everyday.  That’s roughly half the number of daily video views that Facebook gets. It should be noted that that Snapchat got to theses numbers less than four short years after it’s launch in 2011.  They also have [...]

  21. 3 Top No-Brainer Ways to Get Converting Traffic To Your Site
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 05/26/2015

    photodune-782664-website-traffic-diagram-concept-xsSo you spent all that time and effort figuring out WordPress, loading your site with rabid relevant content, and not to mention your product. The holy grail of products that oozes with all your passion and know-how. Now what? With all the millions upon millions of websites out there, possibly very similar to your own, [...]

  22. One of the major disadvantages of watching a show week-to-week as opposed to binging on Netflix is that a program may feel unfocused and adrift, even as its putting the pieces in place for a major and satisfying story development. That’s certainly been the case for Silicon Valley over the past few weeks, as disparate plot points and characters, from the introduction of Hooli’s XYZ Moonshot department to the aborted livestream event for Homicide […]

  23. Your smartwatch can be tracked. Wearable products need to transmit data to function. Many don’t work without a connection to a smartphone. And because it would be silly to walk around with a cord between the devices, that connection is made via Bluetooth Low Energy. Context Information Security has found that these connections can be used to identify smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other products that rely on BLE. And […]

  24. The secret to Snapchat’s success? Intuition, not data
    Posted By Nathaniel Mott on 05/26/2015

    Bloomberg Business has published a fascinating feature about Snapchat chief executive Evan Spiegel’s efforts to turn the startup into a functioning company. The entire thing is worth a read, but I want to call attention to one thread in the piece: Spiegel’s efforts to build something that isn’t controlled entirely by data. There’s a stark difference between analysis and intuition. The former tells you what people think they want; […]

  25. I am coming to Los Angeles next week! I know there are tons of Ngo readers in SoCal so I’m going to host a meet up.   I was originally going to do a coffee meet up, but my friends at Adsimilis offered their awesome office space for us to use (Mucho gracias Eleah!). I […]

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  26. Bwin.Party Takeover to Conclude “In Coming Weeks”
    Posted By James Guill on 05/22/2015

    As Bwin.Party is talking intensely with 888 Holdings and the partnership of Amaya and GVC about takeover, an answer is sure to come in the coming weeks.

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  27. WPTPoker.com Closing
    Posted By Heather Brama on 05/22/2015

    Announced today, bwin.party partners has made the decision to close WPTPoker.com indefinitely. The closure follows the company’s ongoing strategy of product focus. The official end date for WPT Poker online is June 3, 2015 and players will have 3 months to access their accounts and request withdrawals. Players with an account balance after September 3,... Read more »

  28. Three Ways to Drive Traffic Back to NJ Online Poker
    Posted By James Guill on 05/22/2015

    New Jersey online poker has suffered both in traffic and revenue since the boom of the initial opening. Here are three suggestions to bring success back.

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  29. Latest California iPoker Hearing an Informational Bust
    Posted By James Guill on 05/21/2015

    Horse racing was the most discussed topic at an otherwise uneventful iPoker legislation hearing.California legislation held another iPoker hearing, but nothing came from it. There are two more coming up and those will determine the 2015 iPoker status.

  30. U.S. Friendly Bonus Program
    Posted By Heather Brama on 05/20/2015

    ChipSplit announced that Carbon affiliate commissions will not be awarded for any new players, signups, depositors referred by affiliates starting June 1st, 2015. NOW is the perfect time to begin promoting other U.S. Friendly Rooms though PAS.net! To ease the promotional transition from Carbon to our 6 other lucrative U.S. friendly rooms, PAS.net is offering a tiered bonus structure... Read more »

  31. The NJDGE has given out their third full license for iGaming. The first two were bwin.party and Sportech, CAMS is the third. The industry is moving forward.

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  32. 2015 Guide to Social Media Image Sizes [Infographic]
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 05/20/2015

    Have you ever wondered just what size is the best for images across all the social media platforms? To help you get the most out of your social media efforts, SetUpABlogToday has put together a handy infographic that spells out the best image sizes for each of the social media networks.  This will insure that [...]

  33. Tweets are About to Dominate Google Searches
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 05/20/2015

    Google-TwitterOn Tuesday Google announced that it is cozying up with Twitter to make tweets more searchable on mobile devices.  This new feature will only be available on the English version of Google.com for both Android and iOS. “It’s a great way to get real-time info when something is happening,” writes Google  senior product manager Ardan Arac in a [...]

  34. How To Approach People at Networking Events
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 05/20/2015

    business meeting with digital tablet  You have heard this a million times, if not more, “One of the key strategies for every entrepreneur is to build, maintain, and nurture a network.”  For many this comes naturally.  The gift of gab some would say. Although approaching others at a networking event, should be more than just about gabbing. You should [...]

  35. It’s been a challenging year so far. I entrusted my campaigns entirely to my affiliate team. I left the comforts of running affiliate marketing campaigns, and started a new company AFFcelerator. And I’ve been running both companies while spending over half the year traveling in Asia. I was always busy before, but I’m operating at […]

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  36. Arbitration Clauses Face Renewed Legislative Attack
    Posted By Richard Newman on 05/18/2015

    arbitrationMinnesota Sen. Al Franken and Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson have reintroduced a bill, the Arbitration Fairness Act, that would preclude companies and institutions from preemptively forcing employees, customers and others to arbitrate antitrust suits, civil rights claims and other consumer-oriented disputes. Despite the fact that Congress initially intended the Federal Arbitration Act to only cover [...]

  37. FTC Launches New Resource for Identity Theft Victims
    Posted By Richard Newman on 05/18/2015

    Identity TheftBy:  Richard B. Newman The Federal Trade Commission has launched IdentityTheft.gov, a new digital resource that makes it easier for identity theft victims to report and recover from identity theft.  The website also assists with inquiries to determine if you have in fact been a victim of identity theft, without knowing it. The new website [...]

  38. You Have Received a Regulatory Subpoena. Now What?
    Posted By Richard Newman on 05/18/2015

    GavelBy:  Richard B. Newman State AGs can issue subpoenas during an investigation, before initiating a legal case.  Receiving a subpoena from an AG can be an intimidating prospect.  Related investigations often seek substantial monetary settlements from online marketers. Generally speaking, AGs possess investigatory powers that permit them to seek documents, testimony and other information from [...]

  39. California news is slow currently, but NY and NJ both have online poker legalities that they are talking about.While California online poker has been slow, New York and New Jersey both have legal matters to tend to, NY with RAWA and their bill and NJ with PokerStars.

  40. According to Deutsche Bank gaming analyst Andrew Zarnett's "Fixed Income Research," he believes that two more casinos could close in Atlantic City by 2017.

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  41. Online poker revenue in the state of New Jersey is not doing well. With the expected emergence of PokerStars, that may be enough to turn the numbers around.

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  42. Promoting Paddy Power Through PAS
    Posted By Heather Brama on 05/13/2015

    Founded by three Irish high street bookmakers in 1988, Paddy Power has always been rooted in betting entertainment. And now Paddy Power arrives to PAS.net in full force with Poker and Casino available for both Revenue Share and CPA! Promote Paddy Power Poker with a $25 Bonus + 100% up to $500 Matched Deposit Welcome Package. The promotions continue... Read more »

  43. Here is Why 2015 Is The Year of the Data Nerd [Infographic]
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 05/12/2015

    As affiliate marketers we all should be tuned into numerous avenues of data.  Split testing results, google analytic, open and drop rates, etc.   There are so many sets of numbers it often makes our heads spin – nearly right off of our shoulders! It’s also no secret that there is a global trend toward [...]

  44. Win $500 from AffiliateFix & Mobicow
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 05/12/2015

      How would you like to put a sweet 500 smackers in your pocket?  And all for doing something that you seemingly enjoy! Thanks to AffiliateFix and Mobicow you can now do just that. Simply write a unique guide, case study, success story or even a follow along and post it on AffiliateFix for your [...]

  45. Top 5 Kickstarter Campaigns – Where Are They Today?
    Posted By Caitlynn Cush on 05/12/2015

    Potato_SaladCrowdfunding headlines seem to have died down a bit, however that doesn’t mean there is actually a decline in the arena itself. 84,652 projects were successfully funded on Kickstarter alone. $1,705,478,513 total dollars have been pledged to Kickstarter projects 22,378,951 total pledges via Kickstarter 2,603,947 repeat backers via Kickstarter So the numbers seem to be [...]