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    Default Time to play big!

    This is a semi continuation of a post a I made about my recent life changes, moving to Las Vegas etc. That post here

    This deserved its own topic though.

    Lately I've run into so many people scared to lose there jobs at casinos. They walk on egg shells desperately needing there job to support there family. I've also seen how poor some areas of casinos run. For example imo there is no need to ever ever have players wait in a line more than 3 minutes to get a players card (i'd argue any wait time is too long). Freak hire the mexican card tappers from out on the street and pay them same rate to swipe a persons ID key a few buttons. Even if it was clear this line is for replacement or new cards only make it happen. Heck why not get Kiosks where players can self do there cards. I once stood 15 minutes in life at MGM to realize it would take another 45+ min to get through the line. I left and went and gambled somewhere else.

    I started thinking if I owned my own casino I could help a lot of people. I'd love to get everyone into business and train them how to make money from home, but the fact is that this just doesn't work for everyone. I could help a ton more people if I had awesome jobs available for people to work. Casinos are so diverse I could staff anyone who needed a job and make it the best job for them because my casino would be debt free.

    Owning my own casino was a childhood dream, but lately the idea has grown on me much more. and its developing into a want I am going to passionately pursue. My first casino though must be 100% self financed and privately owned. From there once its established I'll take a loan out for the next, and when paid off open a 3rd etc. I figure 200 million to start a smaller off strip one, do a few of those and eventually open a huge one somewhere. So 5 years? I don't make anywhere close to that now but I totally have faith that if I wanted to I could pull that off.

    So after having this idea really develop and on my mind all sorts of things happen today.

    I'll skip to the most major one.

    My assistant's daughter called her. She's 26 years old going through a divorce with a 5 year old son. Divorce is the least of her concerns, she has MS and her bones are already deteriorating. To say it direct: she is dying. today she cried on the phone and said "I just want to live long enough to see my son grow up".

    This got me thinking.. What the fuck have I been doing the past 8 years. I made some bad decisions lost millions and then just been surviving making enough to live well myself but not much extra. If I had been pursing money this entire time instead of sorrowing in depression and getting fat in many senses of the term I could have been in a position right now to gift this person the best doctors, treatments and supplements in the world to maybe help give her some sense of hope even if small that just maybe her request / wish that is something most people take for granted might have some chance of being. I mean that's her goal in life, to live to see her son grow up.

    The odds are better that I have 200 million in 5 years and open a casino then she actually lives that long. Both are near impossible from an outsiders perspective.

    I started thinking there are so many more that to know fault of their own: people are dying that can't remember living. Seriously fuck that! In the grand scheme of things a trillion dollars might not help everyone in a spot like that. But in the meantime I feel now why the fuck not.

    I don't know yet for certain I'll own a casino. The thought is brewing, but the one thing I will say for 100% certain.. is that in ten years from now if someone tells me sincerely that they just want to live long enough to see their 5 year old son grow there's no way in hell that person is going to not have 100% everything available to them. I am going to make enough money that it wouldn't even put a dent in my finances to do.

    I wish I could get the time i wasted the past 8 years back. I can't though. However, from this day forwards no money is ever enough. I'm pretty sure i could make 10 million dollars and live out the rest of my life on it. But I love doing business so why not. There is enough money I could earn to have everything I desire plus have tons left over to help others that need help.

    So from this day forward no more playing small from me. I'm going to be a billionaire
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    I'm just a poor goat farmer.

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    Yes, you can do it man! Nothing is impossible..even the word "impossible" says "I m possible"

    Good luck buddy!
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