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    Default Link networks dead?

    After Google has obviously declared war on link networks, what's your strategy? If you have been using one, did you cancel your subscription? Move to another provider which was not hit?
    It seems obvious Google has manually inserted spies to some of the networks and blacklisted the domains they found to be used by them. Most of the networks have already (or will do so later I guess) reacted in a way that subscribers do not even get to see where their links are, so as a subscriber you won't know what you get for your money.
    Your take?

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    I think it doesn't matters if those networks will show subscribers which sites they use. The most plausible scenario is that Google simply managed to figure out which blogs are the ones that belong to a specific link network. I mean, it's not even hard to figure it out. Even if they accept only unique content, 98% of these blogs are screaming of link farm.

    I guess the best thing now to do is to abandon using these completely. The risk of getting burnt is just too high, it's not worth it. One may call a network safe today, but it might change the next week, month, or maybe only in a year. The thing is that it will happen at some point.

    Some might still use it for sites like, so that if the network gets hit, or the site penalized it's no big deal really. You should just not use it for your main sites that you intend to maintain indefinitely.

    What to do then? - I guess the safest way of doing it is the old fashioned way, such as posting guest posts that are actually useful for the readers of the respective sites, contextual links that make sense on sites that aren't created for the purpose of selling links and etc. Downside of this is that it's expensive, but that's just how it is. No clue how other people do it, but I don't think you can get (a relevant enough amount) of natural links in the gambling niche.


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