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Thread: Playing Online for First time In Forever (Poker Low Content - tl;dnr)

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    Default Playing Online for First time In Forever (Poker Low Content - tl;dnr)

    I was completely fried with online poker since 2007 (haven't really any cash games since then). But I did start to enjoy live tournament poker. I was doing very well at it when I essentially with no plans or notice quit in 2009. I had live major preliminary ($300 to $1K buy-in) event deep runs, won lots of local tournaments, a TLB and was travelling and felt was going great. I was up about over $10K after all expenses for 6-weeks in Vegas early 2009 to start this run ($3,000 of it in promo winnings for TLB). I was making plans with it and playing in many cities. Then just stopped, moved to other side of the globe and quickly lost interest in playing even though money was good.

    Over past 2 days played online poker for first time in about forever. Seriously, played maybe 4 times total since Black Friday (already wasn't playing much when that happened) and the last time was a couple years ago.

    Over past 2 days, took 3rd in a €5 rebuy with 391 players and won a €10 PLO tournament with 59 players (my worst game), and legitimately would have final tabled a €20 rebuy if not for a miss click. It was so sick I was clicking to limp with 13 to go from SB as button was about to timeout and was another limper in pot (blinds big and antes so might as well see flop with lame cards) and in the exact second I was clicking button to complete, the button shoves and I snap call instead of complete from SB. From 3rd place to 9th in chips on a miss-click (rookie mistake). Then finished in 10th. I only played 12 tournaments cashed in 6 - two were tiny. I have a win, a second final table, 1 for near certain should have been a third final table. (one I also lost internet in and finished 34th. I probably would have finished off final table too with 1,000 ante and 4,000 / 8,000 blinds and only 16,000 chips (wasn't near blinds though) when it happened. But never know because disconnected for several minutes when just in the money, and I didn't get the chance to try winning a pot to stay alive. When got back online I had already been anted/blinded out in the money but only 34th in a pay top 54).

    Also playing 18 men, 6 handed, €10 Reg-Turbo SNGs, I have kicked ass. I mostly played these as fillers. When I'm winding down I want to keep tables running but don't want to enter more MTT as want to finish when current are done. (though a few times have had less than an hour to play so played these too). These are going awesome.

    This feels good. I really was just playing for something to do (insignificant stakes) having $ online already at the site for sports betting (which I do seriously still), but first time since 2009 I'm enjoying poker. I don't have time for it now. But maybe once NFL football season finishes, I'll start playing for real stakes again. I'll see how I feel then.
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