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    Default PLEASE READ - Sub-Affiliate Link Request Forum Rules

    Many affiliates have asked for this forum, so I will go ahead and put it up. Personally I have done very well over the years having sub-affiliates. So if you are thinking about signing up for a new program, consider signing up through a PAL members link. I believe in the theory of paying it forward, and what goes around comes around.

    So here are the very simple rules for this forum.

    1. You cannot just start new posts or post your sub-affiliate links randomly. Those posts are spam and will be deleted by mods, and if you do it enough you will be banned.

    2. You can however post when you are signing up for a new program that you would like a sub-affiliate link to sign up through. Members then can either post their link in the thread or PM the original poster.

    3. It is at the sole discretion of the OP if they want to follow your link or not. There is no first post wins rule. If a negotiation of any kind takes place, please do it through PM.

    4. OP - Once you have signed up through an affiliate link, or your post is no longer relevant, please post something to the extent of "done", "please close", etc. and a mod will close the thread.

    We'll see how this goes. If it becomes a hassle or creates conflict, we will remove the forum. However I think it's a great way to help eachother make more money, which after all is everyones goal. Enjoy.

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    This is an awesome and very original idea. Thanks Jeremy


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